Mistakes in using false eyelashes – If you want to add a dramatic effect to your eye makeup, it is likely that you will add false eyelashes. But for some women applying or using eyelashes can be the most difficult problem when doing their eye makeup.

They must think that it takes a special skill to apply false eyelashes so that the false eyelashes can stick perfectly. You don’t need any special skills, but there are still a lot of women or you also include putting on eyelashes with the same mistakes.

Mistakes in using false eyelashes

And in the end, this mistake can seriously hamper your ability to use false eyelashes. The following are mistakes in using false eyelashes, if you are using false eyelashes for the first time, you must avoid this.

  1. Wrong choice of false eyelashes

The first thing to know is the selection of the right eyelashes, don’t just choose if you choose eyelashes you must use eyelashes of good quality. You can try artificial eyelashes from an Indonesian eyelashes manufacturer, PT Sung Shim Internasional. Because you can choose various types of eyelashes and you don’t need to use quality problems anymore because this company is very trusted.

  1. The glue used is not good or too runny

You should not go wrong in choosing the glue for your eyelashes, and you should check what composition is in the eyelash glue that you will use. And for the installation, the first thing you have to do is press a little bit of glue. Take it out a little and slowly then let stand for 1 minute. Meanwhile, you can use a primer on the eyelids. The glue needs to be slightly heated and frozen in order to make it easier to apply the lashes.

  1. Apply glue from the tube directly to the eyelashes

You should avoid things like applying glue directly from the holder to your lashes. You should use a cotton bud to apply glue to your eyelashes. If you apply the glue directly to the eyelashes. Too much glue will stick to your eyelashes and result in false eyelashes not being able to stick perfectly.

  1. use one’s own finger

Instead of using your fingers, you should use tweezers to lift the false eyelashes from the container so they don’t damage the quality of the eyelashes. By using tweezers you can also attach false eyelashes easily with your natural lash line.

Maybe it’s a mistake in using false eyelashes for beginners, you can see again the various tips that we provide at the Indonesian eyelashes manufacturer, you can visit the website for many things about tips and also quality products with various designs.

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