Natural Makeup with False Eyelashes – In order to get maximum and perfect makeup, even if natural makeup doesn’t hurt you to use false lashes, as long as you know first how to use the right and correct false lashes.

Natural Makeup with False Eyelashes

If you already know the correct and fitting false eyelash fitting technique. Even though you use makeup with your fake lashes you can still look natural. Want to know how? Let’s look at the following information below.

  1. Picking lashes

There are actually many makeup tutorials that give you how to use false lashes properly and correctly. Surely what they do first is tips on choosing the right lashes. In general, there are four types of false lashes, namely strip lashes, cluster lashes, single lashes and volume lashes. If you want your appearance to look natural, it’s better if you use the single or cluster type. Besides having to adjust to the way you use the makeup you want, choosing eyelashes must also be adjusted to the eye shape you have because everyone has a different eye shape.

  1. know the type of glue

In addition to the makeup tutorial, how to choose false eyelashes, the next thing you have to pay attention to is the type of glue that will be used because basically not all types of glue are the same. You can choose glue when you first apply white color and then turn transparent when the glue dries. Avoid glue lashes that are black when dry because it can change your eye makeup to become unnatural. Types of eyelash glue that you should know are:

  • Latex lash glue
  • Liquid eyelashes
  • Cream lash glue
  1. put on eye makeup first

How to use the right makeup is also necessary, it’s better if you apply makeup first, if then you just put the false lashes you chose so that your lashes don’t get messy when they are installed, you should apply them first such as eyeshadow, eyeliner, and also mascara before using false lashes. If you want to look more natural, just apply thin eyeliner so that your lashes look natural. If you are already using eyeliner, curl the real lashes slowly so that they blend with the false lashes you are using.

  1. Position Eyes Looking Downward

Using the downward-looking eye position technique will make it easier for you to attach false lashes to prevent the glue from getting dirty on your eyelids.

  1. Shortening the Wrong Part

Do you know the reason why partially cut eyelashes? This aims to be able to adjust the length of the false lashes with the length of the eyelids. If you think it’s too long, you can just cut the outer part a little at a time until it reaches a size that suits you.

Well, here is the information we can provide about Natural Makeup with False Eyelashes, we hope that the information above can help you to make up using fake lashes but look natural. For those of you who want to buy false lashes, we recommend buying them at PT. Sung Shim International as an Indonesian eyelashes manufacturer that provides quality products and economical prices. May be useful.