The Essentials About False Eyelashes – To accentuate the performance of my eyes more charming, sometimes it’s not enough just using eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. we need help from false lashes to get more attractive eyes.

The Essentials About False Eyelashes

For those of us who love to use false eyelashes, there are a number of things we should know to make it more comfortable, safe, and attractive. Let’s look at the explanation below.

  1. There are three types of false lashes

False lashes are made of three types, namely natural hair lashes, synthetic lashes and animal lashes. Usually, eyelashes from real and animal hair last longer and look more natural than synthetic lashes. In addition, lashes from real hair are also safer for eyes that tend to be more sensitive.

  1. How to attach false eyelashes

You cannot attach eyelashes arbitrarily. First, use a special glue for lashes and apply it well, starting from the outside of the lashes to the inside. Make sure that at each end of the lashes, the glue must be adjusted, so that it sticks perfectly.

  1. Maximum use of 48 hours

Do you want to wear any type of false lashes, you have a maximum limit of 48 hours to use lashes. Allow our eyes to rest without using false lashes anymore, because it can cause prolonged irritation to the eyes.

  1. Finish makeup before putting on false lashes

Before using false lashes, you should make sure our makeup is finished first, starting from the face, lips, and especially the eyes. The reason is because it takes us a while to apply the false lashes. Apart from that, we can see our overall look first before putting on the false lashes.

  1. Individual lashes are more durable and natural

Individual lashes are very popular for those of you who want a natural look. However, the installation is much more complicated when wearing it, but the results are very satisfying. Not to mention, individual lashes can last longer in our eyes because glue is attached to individual lashes.

  1. Don’t touch the false lashes too often

Using false lashes is like adding to the burden on our eyes. Sometimes, you want to correct the position of the false eyelashes that cover the view. However, touching too often can make false lashes fall out easily and don’t last long in our eyes. So it’s better if we don’t touch the applied fake lashes often.

  1. Removing false lashes

Be aware that removing false lashes is also a rule. The first step that must be done, soak a cotton bud with a makeup remover. After that, apply it to our false lashes to remove the glue stuck to the eye. After the glue is gone, we can slowly remove it. If it still hurts when you pull it out, try to reapply the makeup remover with a cotton bud. This method can make our eyes safer and avoid irritation.