Tips on Using False Eyelashes to Look Like Real – The use of false eyelashes in makeup level is generally done to cover up shortcomings in real short and curvy lashes. But some women are still hesitant to use it for reasons of worrying that makeup will look too much. Meanwhile, there are ways to use false lashes for a more natural finish and even look like real lashes. This kind of trick.

Tips for Using False Eyelashes to Look Like Real

  1. Adjust to the Length of the Eyes

The first way to wear lashes to make them look real is to adjust the length of the eyes. The size of each person’s eye is different. But generally the length of false lashes is always the same. If you feel that the false lashes are very long, then it is better to trim them before using them. Long false lashes will certainly disturb your appearance.

  1. Loosen False Eyelashes

When before applying glue to false lashes, it’s better to loosen them first. False lashes are usually very tight, which can create an unnatural look. Also try loosening the lashes to match the structure of the curvature of the eye. When the false lashes are loose, fitting will be easier and more precise.

  1. Install Looking Down

The correct method of attaching lashes is to place the glass under the face. The face should be bent with the eyes looking down. This look-down method can make installation easier as well as avoid errors.

  1. Cut the False Eyelashes

As a beginner in the subject of makeup, of course, you will have difficulty installing false lashes. If this is intertwined, you should first cut the false lashes in half. This subject needs to be tried so that it is no longer difficult to install it. But what needs to be observed, the installation of the two must be balanced.

  1. Use More Glue on the End

In order for the false lashes to stick firmly, be sure to apply more glue primarily to the end of the hair. The end of the false lashes will come off more easily if only a small amount of glue is used.

  1. Use the Applicator

This one guide is also very useful for beginners. Often using your bare hands while wearing lashes can be difficult. The hand is very easy to vibrate until the process of placing the lashes becomes unstable. As a solution, make use of a special applicator to help attach it properly.

  1. Finish with eyeliner

When the lashes are in place, end the step by wearing eyeliner along the eye line. Using eyeliner can hide the base of the false lashes. That way, the lashes used will look real and look natural.

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