Confused How to Use Mascara – Confused how to use mascara – try to imagine, what happens if you wear full makeup without mascara? Any residue of powder and eyeshadow, it’s gonna look messy, Ladies. Mascara is indeed a part of facial makeup, which means that the eyes appear more alive. Long, thick and curved lashes also share the effect of bigger and more charming eyes!

Confused How to Use Mascara

Are you one of those people who is still confused about how to use mascara? Actually, using mascara is indeed a trivial thing, but if you use it properly it can add a beautiful effect to your face. To get beautiful eye makeup, here are tips on using mascara so that the eyes look perfect, including:

  1. Choose the appropriate mascara product

As one of the products that can make the eyes beautiful, you must also be careful when choosing mascara. Choose one that can curl and give the lash layer a thicker look. Also select quality and waterproof products so that they can be used all day long.

Not only regarding the quality of the mascara liquid, the shape of the brush must also be considered. The brush form of mascara is also varied and quite influences the final result! In order to get volume lash makeup results, you should choose mascara with a brush that leads big in the middle and small at the end.

For those of you who need long and tapered eye makeup, a brush that has a curved shape, small in the middle and large at the end is more recommended. The goal is that the lashes are easier to rise even without being pinched.

  1. Choose a Quality Eyelash Curler

To make lashes easier to curl, choosing a quality eyelash curler also matters, Ladies. You can wear an eyelash curler that has a soft rubber, so that the lashes are easier to rise without causing pain. Flat rubber eyelash curler, makes your lashes fall out easily, the end result will also look different.

  1. Curl Lashes and Hold For A Few Seconds

After sorting out quality eyelash curlers with soft rubber. You can get started early by wearing tongs before mascara. Stay away from pinching after applying mascara, because it will make your lashes break quickly.

When pinching lashes, make sure you look straight while pinching lashes from the inside without blinking, so that the result can look perfect and avoid pain. Repeat the clamp 2 to 3 times and slightly take the clamp upward to make it taper and more durable.

  1. Use Primer First

It’s not only the face and eyelids that need a primer, eyelashes also need a primer. Primer on lashes can give maximum and more perfect results, Ladies. So after wearing the eyelash curler, you can apply primer first.

Using this eyelash primer can make your lashes curl and not brittle. This guide is not often known but is very meaningful for getting lashes that are charming and curved.

  1. Use Mascara After Primary Eyelash

After applying the eyelash primer to your lashes, you can put on mascara. Start with the base lashes then work your way up to the upper lashes. Don’t forget to apply mascara to the bottom or top lashes, so that you can share a balanced result.

When you have applied mascara thoroughly, you just have to wait for it to dry. When wearing mascara, try not to get attacked by the base of the lashes so as not to close the lubricating glands, Ladies.

Those are some ways to use good mascara to add to the appearance of your lashes. Hopefully the above explanation can be useful for you, good luck.