4 Mistakes When Using False Eyelashes – Thick eyelashes will indeed make you feel beautiful. It feels, looks cool with a flickering flicker. In addition to using mascara that is quite a lot, you can also get thicker and curler eyelashes with the help of false eyelashes.

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4 Mistakes When Using False Eyelashes

If installing false eyelashes with the right tricks the eyelashes will be easily attached. However, if the end result is not satisfactory, here are 4 mistakes when wearing false eyelashes that you might not realize making the following mistakes.

1. Not Pinning False Eyelashes

Like skin before wearing makeup, eyelashes must also be prepared before you wear false eyelashes. In order to facilitate the false eyelashes produced by sung shim’s eyelashes manufacturer together with the original eyelashes, it helps you pinch them first so that the eyelashes are lifted more.

2. Removing False Eyelashes By Pulling the Strands        

This mistake is what makes false eyelashes that are easily damaged. In fact, yes, false eyelashes on the market can be used up to a dozen times. Even good false eyelashes won’t last long if you pull the strands. The correct way is to remove it from the tip. In this way, false eyelashes are more durable and the risk of your original eyelashes pulled out is minimal.

3. Does not flex the false eyelashes

Although strands of false eyelashes are very fine. But there are some products that have thick and sometimes stiff bands. If directly installed, there are times when the false eyelashes are still difficult to stick on the skin of the eyelids.

Try flexing the false eyelashes first by sticking them around your fingers. In addition to being more flexible, the eyelashes will curve so it is easy to stick to following the shape of the eye. So, the error lies not in the glue.

4. Instantly Stick When The Glue Is Still Wet

One reason lashes are hard to stick to other than the band that is not flexible is because of glue. After applying glue along the false eyelash band. Never once you directly paste it. Sticking false eyelashes while the glue is still wet is useless. Fake lashes won’t even stick. Try to wait a while until the glue dries a bit and then put on the false eyelashes.

So, immediately change the way to wear your false eyelashes if you feel you have experienced errors when using false eyelashes that we have explained above. Thus we created this article, hopefully this article can provide useful information for all of you.