5 Things About False Eyelashes – To enhance the appearance of the eyes when being made up, don’t just use a variety of eyeshadow techniques and shapes. Sometimes to produce certain effects from the eyes, additional products such as false eyelashes are needed.

5 Things About False Eyelashes

Although now there is an option to beautify the eyes, but lovers of false eyelashes still seem unable to turn away from the various types of false eyelashes available on the market. Are you one of them?

Here are 5 things about false eyelashes that you should know about.┬áLet’s listen to the explanation!

1. Don’t Touch It Often After Use

When something is used on the body including the eyes, sometimes it starts with discomfort until it gets used to it. One habit that is often done after wearing false eyelashes is to touch it constantly.

Initially the goal is to ensure the position of the eyelashes do not move, if held too often will make the false eyelashes do not stick perfectly until finally loose. If you feel that the false eyelashes you are using are right, don’t touch them too often.

2. Can be reused

Do not immediately remove your false eyelashes after use, some false eyelashes are designed to be used more than once. If there is any residual mascara and eyelash glue attached to your false eyelashes after use.

You can clean it using tweezers by gently pulling it. To facilitate the cleaning process, also use eye makeup cleanser so that the mascara and eyelash glue can really be lifted to the maximum.

3. Use Make Up First

If you want to use false eyelashes to enhance your make up, make sure you finish your entire set of eye makeup first. Using false eyelashes before you finish your make-up line will only make it harder to use eyeshadow and eyeliner.

4. Can Be Adjusted To Eye Shape

The forms of false eyelashes that are available on the market are very common. Some of them, you can immediately use without having to cut and adjust the shape of your eyes first. The rest, it is very possible to be too wide when applied to your eyes. Before using glue, first match the length of the false eyelashes that you will use. If it feels appropriate, then apply the eyelash glue to the eye.

5. Use Eyeliner and Eyeshadow

Finished attaching false eyelashes, sometimes the distance between the original and fake eyelash lines can still be seen. To cover it up, you can apply thin eyeliner on the line of the growth of your eyelashes to produce a fused effect between the original eyelashes with the fake eyelashes that you use, also add eyeshadow so that your eye makeup more charming.

Hopefully the information I gave above is useful for you all.