5 Tips On How To Remove False Eyelashes – False eyelashes may make us appear ‘on point’. However, like it or not, we have to take it off after using it. Removing false eyelashes using professionals does tend to be safer and more precise than doing it yourself. However, we often have to spend a lot of money to pay for their services. Removing false eyelashes yourself is then the solution.

5 Tips On How To Remove False Eyelashes

Maybe some women have ever removed false eyelashes and it was painful, but we created this article to give you 5 tips on how to remove false eyelashes so that it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t damage the false eyelashes. Come on, let’s see this article.

  1. Apply false eyelashes properly

Removal of false eyelashes that are good and right can start with the right application. Apply false eyelashes near the natural lash line. Not sticking, when false eyelash glue is attached to real eyelashes. This is why damage is so frequent and painful. And the main factor of damage to false eyelashes is also due to the poor quality of false eyelashes. Therefore you can choose false eyelashes from PT. Sung Shim International is a trusted eyelash manufacturer in Indonesia.

  1. Use proper adhesive glue

For a safer use of false eyelashes. You have to use a soft adhesive glue and don’t be picky in that case.

  1. Remove with oil

You should refrain from removing the false eyelashes right away. You can gently remove it using oil to remove any remaining adhesive glue, without causing any damage to your false eyelashes. We recommend using natural coconut oil which is also good for the face and makes it easy to remove makeup on your face. If you have, you can apply several times a cotton swab that has been smeared with coconut oil. Then let stand for 20 to 30 minutes until the adhesive glue softens and comes off.

  1. Be careful with damage

If you are used to sticking false eyelashes right on the line of real false eyelashes. Usually if you want to remove it, there will definitely be natural eyelashes that are also pulled out. And this is the beginning of the damage to your eyelashes. Of course, your lashes will get thinner. The solution to fix it, you can use a serum or supplement that can grow eyelashes.

  1. Save properly

Of course you think that false eyelashes can only be used once, right, as long as you place them correctly and in a clean or sterile condition. Then false eyelashes can be used several times. And never just put it in your makeup bag because makeup bags are one of the things that are often dirty.

maybe this is all we can convey, if you need more information about false eyelashes produced by the Indonesian eyelashes manufacturer, PT. Sung Shim International is a good idea for you to visit their official website.