5 Ways To Make Long Lasting False Eyelashes – Using fake eyelashes seems to be a definite step that is always done by most women. False eyelashes can give the illusion that we have beautiful and curved lashes.

False eyelashes will make the eyes look more attractive. No wonder there are many girls who like to wear false eyelashes on various occasions. Because the price is not cheap, usually false eyelashes can not only be used once, even many times.

5 Ways To Make Long Lasting False Eyelashes

Unfortunately, not all false eyelashes are created equal. Some are more durable than others and some can only be used for disposables. Here are 5 ways to make long lasting false eyelashes. Let’s look at the explanation.

1. Take it off slowly

Do not immediately pull the lashes you wear. First use a cotton swab moistened with makeup remover on the eyelashes. This will help loosen the glue so that when you pull it won’t stretch.

2. Don’t use mascara

If you really have to use mascara, apply mascara to your own original lashes before using fake ones. But to make eyelashes last longer, do not use mascara on eyelashes. It will only build.

3. Use tweezers

After using false eyelashes, use tweezers to pull in excess glue that makes it clean and to avoid damage.

4. Clean and store false eyelashes properly

Use a cotton swab moistened with alcohol to make sure your false eyelashes stay clean and sterile. Storing it in an eyelash box or container can help maintain its shape and keep false eyelashes free of dust.

5. Soak synthetic eyelashes

You can soak synthetic eyelashes in a bowl of olive oil or makeup remover to thoroughly cleanse it. Leaving it on for an hour will help dissolve excess glue and makeup so that the false eyelashes will be fresh and ready to be used again.

Now, from now on, treat your false eyelashes well! Being wrong can cause something to happen to your eyes. In addition, make sure the eyelashes you use are guaranteed quality and do not cause harmful effects that will damage your eyes later.