Beautiful with simple makeup – girls can definitely not be kept away from make-up. Because almost some women do not even have confidence if they do not use these cosmetic tools when doing their daily activities. Make up has become a mainstay for looking more beautiful.

But there are still many users who find it difficult to use makeup tools. From the make-up used until it looks imperfect, for example, a thick make-up that looks menor. And the effect is none other than getting older than his age.

Maybe here will give tips on Beauty with simple makeup

Clean your face. Of course, before using make up tools, your face must be clean and dry.

Apply a moisturizer. After feeling that your face is completely clean, apply a facial moisturizer that suits your skin.

Use foundation. You can apply foundation on the face evenly and if possible, don’t be too thick, to avoid streaks on the skin of the neck and face, so that evenly, the foundation is applied from top to bottom then if possible don’t spread. The foundation should match your skin tone.

Using powder. It is certain that after using the foundation evenly, you can apply the powder that you have, whether it’s loose powder or compact powder, but to use a compact powder you have to use a brush so that the result is thin and even.

Eye makeup. You can start by using a nude eyeshadow to make it look natural, then optimally curling your lashes followed by liquid or pencil eyeliner. Brush the eyeliner to make it appear to form the eye line, but not too thick. Then use mascara to make the lashes look more volume.

But if you are not confident about the appearance of your lashes, there is another alternative, namely using natural and not thick fake lashes, we have one eyeleash maufacturer that produces fake lashes with natural designs and models for Asian women, namely PT. Sung Shim International.

Now, after the eyelash problem is resolved, you can continue to make up your face using. Brown blush with the aim of not looking menorous, you just need to lightly brush the blush on according to the cheekbones.

Using lipstick. The final stage is to use a lipstick, the function of the lipstick is to trick the face so it doesn’t look too pale, you can use pink, peach, or nude lipstick as natural make-up.

Maybe only the information above we can convey about Beauty with Simple Makeup , if you need more information about false eyelashes produced by PT. Shung Shim International You can contact directly by visiting the official website. May be useful