Benefits of Using False Eyelashes – False eyelashes are an important element when putting on makeup. Only by adding false eyelashes, eye makeup will look more perfect. Generally, eyelashes that are considered ideal are long and curved lashes. But the majority of Indonesian women have thin or not thick and not long eyelashes.

We are PT. Sung Shim International is a manufacturer of Indonesian false eyelashes that produces various types of false eyelashes of the highest quality, and which are definitely safe for you to use.

Benefits of Using False Eyelashes

Here are some benefits of using false eyelashes that you must know, let’s listen to the explanation!

1. Basically, false eyelashes are only for disposables. But if used properly and correctly, these false eyelashes can be used many times. This will be more economical than your eyelash extensions.

2. If the eyelash length is adjusted to your eyelid first, applying false eyelashes will be easier.

3. If you often practice using false eyelashes, you will begin to understand the ways and tricks in using them, so installing and removing them will be easier.

4. You can wear various types of eyelashes according to the makeup theme you are using and where you are going.

You need to know that choosing the right false eyelashes is very important, lest you take it lightly. Because the eye is a very sensitive and expensive part of the body, if there is damage to the eye then the cost for treatment is quite large, the biggest impact of eye damage is blindness.

You don’t need to worry, the false eyelashes we produce are guaranteed safe for you to use. In addition to producing false eyelashes, eyelash manufacturer PT. Sung Shim International also supplies its products to leading global brand partners for 20 years.

Well, if you are interested in making false eyelashes with us, you can directly contact us to consult about the eyelashes you want by clicking on the Whatsapp icon that has been registered on our official website.

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