Choosing the best false lashes – False lashes come in all sizes, shapes and designs. And have a different impression. False lashes are able to maximize eye makeup more easily than you use mascara. There are many types on the market, from the traditional ones to the beautiful eye makeup artists.

Choosing the best false lashes

Choose the appropriate shape, density and length of the false lashes

For a natural impression, you can choose eyelashes that have little or no hair and are not thick. With this type, your real lashes will appear a little more voluminous, perfect for those of you who have less lashes. Although only used to go to the office or to campus. Make up your eyes to make them more beautiful.

For the impression of looking cute, you can choose a long one with a sparse hair density, if the distance between the feathers is rarer or wider, you will get a dolly eyes look impression. Not only is it able to accentuate the width of your eyes, this type can also create a beautiful eye makeup effect. This effect will show that the lashes are attached a little down at the tail of the eyelid.

For a beautiful impression, you can choose thick and tapering. The type of false lashes with volume is better if the false lashes have long and curly hair. Even though it has curly hair and you can combine it with dark eye shadow. Your eye makeup will look even more stunning. This type is suitable for a dinner or date.

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