Choosing the Right False Eyelashes – Consideration for buying false eyelashes not only lies in quality and price but also in shape. Because the shape of each person’s eyes is different. What works for your friends may not work for you. Do not let the wrong choice, instead of wanting to look beautiful even excessive.

The function of false eyelashes basically makes the impression of the eyes appear larger and open. In addition, tapered eyelashes make the eyes look more dramatic and beautiful. So don’t be surprised if many makeup users continue to use false eyelashes to support their appearance.

Choosing the Right False Eyelashes

But not a few people who choose false eyelashes that are less in accordance with the shape of their eyes. Low prices and cute shapes are not enough to consider, the quality and accuracy of the eyelashes also need to be a reference material. Every person is born with various eye shapes because they are created in various types, shapes and types of false eyelashes that are there to answer each different need.

1. Round eyes

Round eyes have eyelid tip lines that tend to fall so the eyes look round. For that we need false eyelashes that can give the illusion of longer eyes at the edges to lift the eyelids to look more up and sharp. Choose the shape of false eyelashes with precision cuts, which are long outside with medium thickness. If it is too thick it will make round eyes less open and unbalanced.

2. Big eyes

The difference between big eyes and round eyes is their size. If the round eyes tend to focus on the tip of the eye, the big eyes are focused on the large size. Because the function of false eyelashes is to open your eyes wider, choose false eyelashes that have thick eyelashes on all sides. This makes the eyes look fuller and not too big without reducing their beauty.

3. Slanted eyes

The slanted eye shape has a long tip and lower eyelid so the use of eyelashes that are too curved and dramatic is considered inappropriate. Because it will make false eyelashes look heavy and unbalanced with small eye sizes. The best choice for this type of eye is individual eyelashes, which are false eyelashes in the form of a small group of eyelashes.

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