Customize False Eyelashes for Their Purpose – Having natural-looking fake lashes turns out to be a trick. In using false eyelashes, you are required to adjust it to its use. Indeed, getting the look of perfect lashes is not easy. We need to know in advance to get the perfect look of lashes.

Customize False Eyelashes for Their Purpose

For those of you who have long lashes, chances are you only need false lashes to fill in some of the lashes that are uneven. But for those of you who do have short lashes, you have to understand the use of lashes that suit your needs.

On this occasion we want to provide a little information for all of you about eyelashes. In using false eyelashes, there are different uses. For that, let’s look at 3 different uses of false lashes for you below.

  1. Individual Eyelashes

These lashes are mainly used for correcting or thickening only some parts. Instead of cutting full lashes, you can use this type of lashes. False lashes with this use are usually used to correct the missing part of your lashes, so those of you who have less even lashes can use these individual types of false lashes.

  1. Half Eyelashes

These lashes are usually used to correct or thicken the tip of the eye. Generally, more tapered and long in size. Gives the impression of rounder and wider eyes. For those of you who have narrow eyes and want to look bigger in the eye area, you can also use these half lashes. By using these lashes, your narrow eyes will look more perfect and beautiful, of course.

  1. Full Eyelashes

If your lashes are thin and sparse, they will make your eyes naturally prettier. Corrects the whole lashes and makes them look fuller. In general, the type of lashes that are most widely used is full lashes, in fact most people understand and know more about these lashes than other lashes.

Maybe that’s the only explanation we can convey, hopefully the above explanation can be useful for all of you. We Sung Shim International are ready to assist you in dealing with eyelash problems. For those of you who want to get to know us further, you can contact us at the contact provided.