Difference between false lashes and extension lashes – Maybe the eye is one part of the body that is very important to pay attention to because it supports the appearance of our faces. In general, people get their first attention by paying attention to a person’s eyes. Lashes that are curved, thick and long are considered to make the eyes more beautiful. Almost all women are competing to form eyelashes that can be considered perfect. There are many ways you can do to beautify the mouth. Among them, such as wearing fake lashes and eyelash extensions. What’s the difference between false lashes and extension lashes.

Difference between false lashes and extension lashes

1.Installation technique

Eyelash extensions have a more difficult installation technique than false eyelashes, namely by using a way to connect the artificial lashes to each real eye using a special glue. And the distance between the attachment of artificial lashes to the root of the real lashes does not have to be close because it avoids irritation to the eyes. False lashes use a very simple and very easy installation technique, because they are already in the form of a series of neatly affixed artificial lashes, so we just need to stick them above the eye line using a special glue.

2. Wear resistance

Eyelash extensions usually last between 3 to 4 weeks. It also depends on your treatment, if treated properly, it can last up to 1 month. False lashes usually last only a matter of hours, can be 5 to 12 hours. Its resistance can also be influenced by the selection of the eyelash model which must be in accordance with the eye shape and the glue used and how to use it.

3. Maintenance techniques

The treatment technique for eyelash extension requires a lot of effort. If a big wind blows the lashes can be damaged, messy like one-sided length, in fact, they can split into two. To keep it neat, you should comb it frequently using a special eyelash comb. In addition, eyelash extensions are also recommended not to use mascara too often because it can be difficult to clean. To clean cooking, you are required to use a water based make-up cleanser. This is because oil based cleansers can make the eyelash extensions last long.

False lashes do not need special care, when they are finished, they can be immediately thrown away. can also be stored in a safe place (if the lashes are reusable).

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