Easy Steps to Using False Eyelashes – The range of false eyelashes is now not only crowded when going to official events, but also for daily use. Even so, some of you may still be hesitant to follow the popular trend right now because you feel you still don’t understand enough to use it yourself.

Easy Steps to Using False Eyelashes

Here are some easy steps to use false eyelashes for those of you who want to try to practice using your own false eyelashes, which are as follows:

1. First, adjust the length of the false eyelashes to be worn with the left and right eyelids. It is feared that products that exceed your eye line will make it look glazed and unsightly. Cut from the outside edge and not from the base so it looks natural.

2. As a basic makeup, you can wear eyeliner or matching mascara that is applied thinly first so it looks more beautiful and neat.

3. Next, apply your mainstay adhesive along the false eyelashes. At present, there are various types of glue that you can choose according to your needs and desires. There are white, transparent, or black, with different thicknesses. Remember, don’t apply too thick and make sure the formulation is gentle enough if you don’t want your eyes watering.

4. Before sticking the false eyelashes that have been adhesive, let stand briefly for about 30 seconds until the glue feels sticky but not too wet. This is intended to achieve excellent adhesion strength so that your false eyelashes do not shift easily later.

5. As close as possible to the edge of the eye, use your mainstay false eyelashes. Starting from the middle of the eyelid, then continue with the outer edge and finally stick to the base of the false eyelashes.

Use tools to hold the product if necessary. When sticking false eyelashes, it’s better to use a magnifying mirror and tilt your head in such a way as to get the best angle and results for each eyelash.

Of course, try choosing fake eyelashes with relatively good quality. Strands of hair that look like the original and the flexibility and durability of the product are some parameters that can be used as a reference. Good luck!