Easy to Thicken the Lashes – Talking about long and thick lashes will certainly make women happy at once. The reason is that the gorgeous thick and long lashes make women more confident. No wonder that everyone is competing to find ways to lengthen eyelashes.

Easy to Thicken the Lashes

Some people like to wear mascara to fake lashes. But many are not happy because its use is a little troublesome and even disturbs the health of the eyelashes. What can you try to lengthen natural lashes? As our best eyelashes’ manufacturer, PT. Sung Shim International, would like to provide the following information.

  1. Wearing natural essential oils

Natural oil is still a favorite natural ingredient that is used as a way to lengthen and thicken lashes. this one method is popular because it is easy and cheap. Some of them that can be used are rosemary oil, coconut oil, hazelnut oil, and castor oil. Rosemary oil may still be rarely heard of, while this ingredient has a myriad of beauty properties. Moreover, it has been used since the era of ancient Greece. Rosemary can design lash hair growth. Not only that, there is also coconut oil which contains lots of lauric acid and vitamin E. Both of these ingredients are very suitable to be used to stimulate hair growth. Not only lengthening, coconut oil can also thicken hair.

  1. Wearing aloe vera

This material is known to be a way to thicken the lashes. many good content contained in it such as vitamin C, vitamin A, protein, thiamin, calcium, iron, and carbohydrates. These ingredients can help to grow lashes quickly. The application method is also quite easy, take the aloe vera gel, then apply it using a cotton bud or spoolie on the lash line. after that let stand for about 60 minutes, wash with cold water until clean.

  1. Using green tea

Besides being used for body health, green tea also has various kinds of benefits for beauty. The application of green tea to the lash area can make lashes grow faster. How is the trick? So when you drink green tea, you can take a little of it and apply it to your lashes.

  1. Lash lift

This one method is also favored by women to make their eyelashes curl, thick, and long. The natural content of keratin in a lash lift can make your lashes longer and thicker. Simple application method can be tried in a professional place. So in the process, your eyelids will be affixed with silicon pads and then apply the keratin liquid to your lashes. When finished, comb the lashes using a special comb. On the positive side, this method wants to share long-lasting natural opinions.

  1. Serum

Eyelash serum is one of the most popular finished ingredients used for eyelash treatment. Serum has the advantage of being more durable. It is also able to make the eye snap to be livelier and more natural. The lashes will also regenerate, making them always look fresh. Not only that, serum is also estimated to be able to prevent eyelashes from various damage due to excessive products to age. Not only healthy, eyelash serum can make lashes curl faster.

How? It is not difficult not to make the lashes look on points. The 5 ways to lengthen and curl the above lashes can be the right solution. Don’t forget to use it regularly for maximum results, good luck.