Face tips Look younger – Everyone definitely wants to look younger, even though he is practically old. Various methods are used, especially by women, to prevent the premature aging process. Starting from using creams, taking herbal medicines to using surgical methods.

One way that can be done to make your face look younger is of course using cosmetics. Maybe, everyone already knows the benefits of make-up can make a person’s face look beautiful and also look younger.

Face tips Look younger

Maybe here we will provide tips so that your face can look younger. Here are a few tips from us.

Focus on eye makeup

Eyes can easily tell a person’s age. If you have dark circles under your eyes or you can make it with panda eyes then you can disguise it by using a concealer and blend it to make it look more natural.

Make sure, avoid using powder or eye coloring that is shiny, it will make your wrinkles more visible. Choose a neutral eye color.

Use natural false lashes

Using false lashes can make your makeup look more complete and make you as a woman more confident, this has been done by many people. Maybe you can do this method to increase your self-confidence, there is nothing wrong with trying rather than having to lack confidence.

You also have to choose natural false lashes that are intended for you. You can use false lashes under the MASKI Eyelashes brand, which is produced by PT. Sung Shim International in collaboration with VIKA which is famous in Asia.

Full eyebrows

Your eyebrows can make a lot of difference. If you paint your eyebrows wrong, it can make your face look weird and asymmetrical. Therefore it is very important to make eyebrows for women.

The trick, don’t use thin eyebrows. Make it a little thicker and fuller. To give a younger effect to your face. Emphasize the color of the eyebrows in areas where the eyebrows are sparse. And to brighten your face, you can rub a little concealer right under the arch of your eyebrows.

Use lip color

As we age, our lips will shrink and become even thinner. To bring back the color, you can skip the dark colors and choose a lipstick or liptint with a light color. Before applying any lipstick, make sure you are hydrating your lips and shaping them well.

Makes cheeks red

The final step, Face tips Look younger. A little pink blush will give your face a youthful glow. Choose a pink color or you can use a peach color that looks natural and natural that matches your skin. You can just roll it around your cheek gently so that your face will glow again.

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