False Eyelashes Easy To Come Off? – Eyelashes have an important role for some women. The use of eyelashes can make the eyes come alive, sharpen, and beautify women. False Eyelashes are an easy and inexpensive solution. Unfortunately, eyelashes fall on their own.

The use of eyelashes is a part of women’s beauty. Yes, to get perfect eyelashes, you need to use eyelashes to sharpen and beautify the eyes.

False Eyelashes Easy To Come Off?

However, sometimes fake eyelashes often come off on their own and make an appearance suddenly shatter instantly. False eyelashes easily come off? Well, here are 4 easy eyelash tips that you can apply at home, let’s look at the explanation.

1. Choose Quality False Eyelashes

There is no harm in spending more money to have quality fake eyelashes. Usually the quality of fake eyelashes is seen from the authenticity of the hair or in terms of the exact shape used, so it feels comfortable. Usually the original eyelashes will feel more natural when worn.

As one of the quality fake eyelash brands, LUMI Beauty and MASKI Eyelashes have various types of high quality fake eyelashes and are suitable for women’s needs. LUMI Beauty is the first SSI-made eyelash brand launched based on the highest level of eyelash-making technology, 3D natural goods using human hair, exceptional and glamorous that emphasizes volume and glamor.

2. Adjust the Size with Eyes

Usually fake eyelashes do not have the right size for our eyelashes. So this also makes us have to cut it and adjust it to the eye line. Cut the outer edges of the inside of the fake eyelashes so as not to damage the structure of the fake eyelashes themselves. This will make the fake eyelashes used feel more comfortable and not interfere with your activities.

3. Choose Quality False Eyelash Glue

Besides having to choose fake eyelashes, the selection of glue as the fake eyelash adhesive must also be of high quality. This is so that fake eyelashes can glue perfectly and are not easily dislodged. Also pay attention to the content used. Because the eye area is very sensitive and easily irritated, using quality eyelash glue products is highly recommended. We also produce eyelashes of the highest quality, you can visit our web site.

4. Allow False Eyelashes After Gluing

Use glue properly. The glue is too much and not too thick to make perfect eyelashes. The thing you have to make sure is the eyelashes are free of oil and dirt. After that, apply enough glue and on the tips of fake eyelashes, then let stand for a while until the glue dries, then apply. If you want more perfect and more resilient results, you can apply it with mascara.

We can convey this, hopefully this article can provide useful information for you all.