Get to Know Your False Eyelashes – One thing that can tell the difference between standard and extraordinary makeup is eye makeup. Intense and dramatic eye makeup will actually make your appearance look more alive. Not only eyeshadow and eyeliner, you can optimize eye makeup by using fake lashes.

Get to Know Your False Eyelashes

Try to compare eye make-up with thin lashes with thicker false lashes. With thick lashes, your eyes will appear deeper and bigger. Interested in trying to use fake lashes? Before choosing the model, first identify the false eyelashes material that you will use. Because different ingredients, different results.

  1. Synthetic Hair

This is a material that is very easy to find on the market. Even though it is synthetic, the material for which it is made is not only plastic. Generally, this type of false eyelashes is a combination of plastic and silk. The prices are usually economical, but they are no less beautiful than other types of false lashes when used. This type generally has more forms than other types. However, this type is generally less flexible and sometimes too thick or shiny. However, there are some synthetic false lashes made of silk which are made more elastic and soft, especially sometimes more than real hair. The cost is also more expensive, depending on the type of silk used. For this type, you can wear it several times.

  1. Human Hair

This type of false eyelashes is priced slightly higher than the synthetic lashes. The quality is definitely different. False lashes made from real hair are generally lighter, more elastic, and look natural. This type can be used up to about 6 to 10 times. the trick to distinguish it from the synthetic type? Not only from the price, you can test it from texture and elasticity. If it is very slippery and a bit bouncy when bent, then it is a synthetic type of false eyelash.

  1. Animal Hair

There are also false eyelashes made of animal hair, and the ones commonly used are fox fur and mink hair (mink). The cost is very high compared to other types, but the texture is very good. Very elastic, soft, light, and smooth. False lashes made of animal hair and real hair can generally be pinched and will not be a problem when used with mascara. Its use is also quite long, up to a dozen times.

These three types of false lashes are generally disposable and can be used multiple times. For those that can be reused, look for the ones with the reusable sticker. In order to last longer, make sure your false lashes are not exposed to water or mascara. Therefore, curl your lashes and apply mascara first before you put on false lashes. Not only that, you also have to be more vigilant when removing false lashes from the box or from your eyelids. Remove slowly by pulling the lash band from the end, not pulling on the lashes.

Maybe this is the only information we can provide about Recognize Your False Eyelashes, maybe the information above can help you to identify some of the types of false eyelashes. May be useful.