Habits that make eyelashes fall out – Thick eyelashes are the dream of many women, but without realizing it, some habits that are often done can make eyelashes fall out easily

According to information from Dr. Heidi Waldorf, the director of laser and cosmetic dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, United States. Says that the eyelashes are similar or very similar to the hair on the head. There is a natural growth phase and a release rate.

Habits that make eyelashes fall out

Normally, eyelashes lose 1 to 2 strands in a day. However, it should not fall out too much. Usually, eyelashes take at least 3 months to grow back to normal.

There are habits that make eyelashes fall out quickly

  1. Remove eyelashes in a wrong way

False eyelashes are usually used to sharpen the appearance of the eyes and also to beautify eye makeup. But you have to be careful when removing false eyelashes, if wrong you can make your real eyelashes fall out. It may also be from the poor quality of the false eyelashes. You must wear quality false eyelashes from Eyelashses Manufacturer Indonesia, namely PT. Sung Shim International.

  1. Sleeping with mascara

Sleeping with the mascara attached to the eyelashes is not good for eye health. The material in the mascara will make the eyelashes stiff. For example, if we use it while sleeping, it will definitely make the eyelashes break and fall out instantly.

  1. Often use waterproof mascara

This type of mascara can indeed make your eye makeup last longer when you are at important events but you should not use it too often. Because waterproof mascara is more difficult to clean than regular mascara.

  1. Clean eye makeup carelessly

You must often clean your eye makeup, but when you rub a cotton swab with makeup remover sometimes you rub too hard or harshly. With this you can damage the eyelashes and also become brittle or it can fall out immediately.

  1. Frequent use of eyelash curler

With an eyelash curler, you can make your eyelashes curl instantly. But if you use it too often you can make your eyelashes pluck.

  1. Quality False Eyelashes

You must know that using false eyelashes does make your eyelashes look more beautiful. But you should know that if you use false eyelashes the quality is not good. You can damage your natural lashes.

As we told in point 1, you should choose false eyelashes of good quality. We recommend from Eyelashes Manufacturer, namely PT Sung Shim Internasional. Because it provides a variety of designs and shapes according to your needs and the prices are guaranteed to be very friendly.