How To Care For False Eyelashes – It seems that the makeup feels less chic if the false eyelashes are not attached to the eyes. False eyelashes are easy to get, the prices range from cheap to expensive. But, after use can it still be used again? It turned out to be very possible, you know. Come on, see how.

How To Care For False Eyelashes

The trend of false eyelashes seems timeless. Make-up feels like something is missing if the eyelashes are not attached. Eyelash manufacturers also continue to innovate and issue various types and types of interest. However, after being used, eyelash will usually look ugly and unfit for use until it ends up in the trash. This requires us to buy a new one and of course make more expenses.

Getting around the budget for new eyelashes is not difficult, you know. With proper care, you can use false eyelashes that have been used again at a later time. Even the performance is still good and the same as new purchased.

  1. Reduce the use of mascara

Mascara is used to combine natural lashes with false lashes to make them look more natural. However, using too much mascara can make false eyelashes stiff and easily damaged. Therefore, avoid using excessive mascara. Apply mascara by tapping slightly just until the eyelashes look glued to the false eyelashes. Another way is to curl your natural lashes and then use mascara as usual until the lashes rise and become curly. After that just use the eyelash and press with your fingers to blend.

  1. Don’t Curl False Eyelashes

An easy way to combine real lashes with fake ones is to curl them together using an eyelash curler. However, this method is actually not good because it makes its shape change and is difficult to reuse. Basically, false eyelashes are already curly and curly without having to be re-curled. So it is better to unite false eyelashes by pressing lightly with your fingers rather than using an eyelash curler.

  1. Gently Clean Glue

The eyelash glue you used will still stick to the false eyelash bone after removing it. The eyelash bone is the top base where the glue is applied so that the eyelashes can be attached. This glue must be cleaned so that the eyelashes can be reused at a later time. Because if you don’t clean it, the glue will dry and make the eyelash bone hard and thick

How to clean eyelash glue is not difficult but requires patience and care. Use a tweezer to pull the glue off, or you can clean it with your finger. Do not pull too harshly because it can make the eyelashes break. If the glue is too dry and stiff, apply a little make up remover or baby oil so that it becomes weak again and can be cleaned more easily.

  1. Clean False Eyelashes

Lashes that will be reused must be cleaned of the remnants of mascara attached. This is so that the quality of the synthetic fur used is maintained. In addition, use a cleanser that is gentle and not harsh so that the eyelashes do not become dry and rough after cleaning. You can use a non-alcoholic makeup remover or baby oil.

The trick, prepare a piece of tissue that has high absorption. Place dirty false eyelashes on a tissue. Press the tip with your finger so it doesn’t move, then rub gently using a cotton bud that has been dipped in makeup remover or baby oil. Rub in the direction of the lashes, from top to bottom. Repeat this step several times until the false eyelashes are clean.

  1. Store False Eyelashes Properly

After making sure the eyelash is completely clean, the next step is to store it. You need to pay attention to where the false eyelashes are stored so that their shape does not change when you use them again. The best place to store false eyelashes is to put them back in the packaging box. Because the semi-circular shape where the eyelashes are placed can keep the eyelash bones in a curved state and follow the eyelids.

However, if you have already thrown away the false eyelash box, don’t worry. You can use a clean regular box to store the eyelash. Keep in mind not to store multiple pairs of eyelashes in one box at the same time as this can damage the shape and quality.

Those are some tips you can do to keep your false eyelashes durable and reusable. It should be noted that false eyelashes can still be damaged after several uses. If it can’t be used, you should immediately throw away your eyelash and buy a new one to avoid eye irritation.