How To Care For Healthy Eyelashes – Eyes are windows to the soul, a saying goes. However, the eyes are not one of the things that need maintenance and protection. Following is a guide to maintaining eyelashes properly.

How To Care For Healthy Eyelashes

When caring for eyelashes, you should do this carefully, as the hairs on the eyelids are very weak and easily deformed. Don’t caress your eyes too much, don’t squeeze your mascara.

Additionally, when sterilizing eye makeup or mascara, after brushing the product, try dripping facial cleanser onto a cotton swab and then pressing closed eyes for a few seconds before wiping off any remaining makeup. It is much better for your lashes.

What should you try to keep your lashes clean and healthy? We got information about eyelash care from one of the official websites of the Indonesian manufacturer of false eyelashes. Let’s look directly at the following explanation.

  1. Don’t forget to clean regularly

Know that preferably other parts of the body, eyelashes should be cleaned every day so that they can grow naturally and fresh. Therefore, rinse the eyelashes in your eyes every day with a mild facial cleanser, and know how to remove any remaining make-up around the eyes with a make-up remover product.

In addition, it is very important to remember not to share eye makeup with others to avoid cross-contamination and inflammation.

  1. Stay away from false eyelashes

Curled and false eyelashes can indeed make the eyes look bigger and deeper. However, this beauty product has drawbacks that you should keep in mind. The illustration is that if you pull it out, if you try not to be careful, a lot of real lashes can come off.

In addition, the glue used to attach eyelashes contains chemicals that can cause allergies and irritation. That is why you are not allowed to wear false eyelashes every day, which means that this beauty product can only be used during large and meaningful events. You can use false eyelashes and false eyelash glue from us because the materials used are definitely safe to use.

  1. Take advantage of conditioner

Like hair, the lashes in your eyes also need conditioner to get fresh. You can apply petroleum jelly thinly to your eyelids when you want to sleep. You can also use a special eyelash conditioner that you can have in the store. The ingredients found are generally moisturizing and strengthening the hair in your eyes. Not only that, conditioner can also prevent the hair from breaking so that it can continue to grow.