How to choose the Best False Eyelash Glue –For some people, applying false eyelashes may be one of the most difficult parts of applying makeup. In fact, often the cause is in choosing the wrong eyelash glue. Causes Results on eyelashes to shift easily or not last long.

How to choose the Best False Eyelash Glue

Therefore, through the article you are reading, we will describe how to choose the best false eyelash glue that is suitable for you to use.

In order for false eyelashes to be installed perfectly and last long, there are several things that you must pay attention to. Learn how to choose eyelash glue below so you can get the right results on lumi eyelases or false eyelashes

There are several eyelash glues available in the market in several colors, such as black, clear, and white. Each color will give a different result. In order not to make the wrong choice, let’s identify the characteristics of each of these false eyelash glue

  1. The black color gives an eyeliner effect

If you plan to use bold makeup, choose eyelash glue with black color. By using this eyelash glue which will help define your eye line. In addition, the color will fill in the corners of the eyelashes that are difficult for eyeliner to reach.

However, with this black eyelash glue, it tends to be more pigmented and easy to leave stains. for those of you who can’t apply eyelashes precisely, you need to repeatedly remove the stain. This is why black eyelash glue is not suitable for beginners

  1. Clear and white, for natural makeup

In using a trending makeup look, white or clear eyelash glue is one of the best choices. Not without reason, using colorless eyelash glue will give a minimalistic impression of makeup.

It’s just how you choose eyelashes that are not too thick and long to get natural results. In addition, judging from the clear color, even if the use is not neat or fails, it will not be so obvious.

However, you need to limit the amount of glue you use because some products give your eyelashes a white color. There are also products that when dry will form like a gel. Products like this will look clumpy if applied too much.

Get to know the different types of eyelash glue

Another thing that is no less important in choosing the best false eyelash glue is to recognize the type. There are many different types of false eyelash glue on the market, such as latex, liquid, and cream eyelash glue, which are the most common types. The following is an explanation of the various false eyelash glues.

  1. Latex eyelash glue, not suitable for sensitive skin

For those of you who have sensitive skin to rubber, you need to avoid eyelash glue made from latex. This is because latex is the sap of the rubber tree which is widely used as the base material for eyelash glue. Generally, latex eyelash glue can be used to attach lumi eyelashes or false eyelashes when they are half dry.

Although most glues made from latex are practical and easy to clean and the smell is quite strong. However, along with the development of technology, there are several products made with natural latex so that they are claimed to be safe for sensitive skin. To be more sure, make sure you always check some of the information contained on the packaging.

  1. Cream eyelash glue, stronger and longer lasting

Unlike latex false eyelash glue, liquid false eyelash glue can stick firmly and is durable to use. However, you’ll need to find the right cleaner to thoroughly clean this glue. Meanwhile, the type of cream or gel is good to use if you are used to using false eyelashes. The reason is, this type of gel or cream glue will make the eyelashes look unnatural if you apply it unevenly.

There are several types of glue like this on the market, such as some liquid, cream, or gel types that also contain latex. Products that do not contain latex usually have a latex-free description. So, pay attention to the info in detail so you can use the glue to its full potential