How to Clean False Eyelashes – For lovers of the world of beauty, surely false eyelashes are a must-have thing so that the face shape becomes more stand out because the eyes can look more “alive”. False lashes are also more practical to use if you don’t like to use eye lash extensions, which in fact require more care to make them last longer, even though in terms of usage time, eye lash extensions really save your time on dressing.

How To Clean False Eyelashes

However, what’s troublesome about false lashes is the problem of comfort from the false lashes themselves when they have been used many times. False lashes will feel uncomfortable to wear because there are piles of mascara and glue that disturbs its appearance, even though the packaging of lashes proves that these false lashes can be used many times. However, the average person will start to feel uncomfortable the second time consuming false lashes.

Actually this discomfort arises because of the large amount of dirt attached to it, and actually you can wash it clean before putting it back on. Are you curious about how to clean false lashes? Relax, to follow the steps, all you have to do is provide cold water, a bowl, a spoolie brush, baby shampoo, and a clean dry towel or tissue. Come on, follow these next steps.

1. Soak the lashes in cold water

The first stage, soak the false lashes with cold water mixed with baby soap. The cold water can easily loosen your fake lash glue easily. Stay away from using warm water because it will soften the eyelash glue as a result, it can be difficult for you to pick up the glue that sticks to the false lashes. Soak for about 30 seconds.

2. Remove the remaining lash glue slowly

Gently remove the glue from the attached lashes using clean tweezers. You can also occasionally dip your fake lashes in the water left over by the fake lashes to make it easier to free the glue that sticks. Continue this step until the lash glue is completely removed.

3. Re-washing false lashes

Wash your false lashes again using clean water. This time you can use plain water, no need for cold or warm water. After if the eyelash glue and mascara have worn off and your fake lashes are clean, dry them using a clean dry towel or tissue.

4. Eyelash comb

The last step is to brush the lashes of a clean spoolie brush. If you don’t have it, you can use an unused mascara applicator that has been washed clean to rearrange your fake lashes so that they can be tidier again. Your favorite fake lashes are ready to be worn again.

Those are the steps for cleaning your false lashes. But you need to know very well, only some types of false lashes can be washed and reused many times. Examples of reusable or washable false lashes are lashes made from real hair. You can also easily distinguish between reusable and non-reusable false lashes by looking at the packaging of the lashes, if it is noted that they can be used repeatedly (reusable) then you can wash them.

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