How to Curl Lashes – Long and curved lashes are thought to be able to beautify the appearance of a person’s face. This is what makes women curious about having curly lashes. One of the safe and inexpensive ways to curl lashes is to use natural ingredients such as the following!

How to Curl Lashes

Guidelines for Curling Natural Eyelashes Before bending the lashes, basically we must first lengthen the lashes. Many people take shortcuts with eyelash extensions, while the way to curl lashes can also be tried naturally. Here are 5 lash curl guides that you can try!

  1. Honey

The first way how to curl lashes is to use honey. This natural ingredient not only has various benefits for the skin, but also for hair, including eyelashes. Take advantage of real honey whose nutritional content is still there.

How to curl lashes with honey is as follows:

  • Pour a few drops of honey on a cotton swab or cotton swab
  • Carefully apply the honey to all lashes, following the direction of the lashes
  • Let stand until dry, then wash with clean water.

2. Olive oil

The next way to curl lashes is to use olive oil. This oil is believed to stimulate hair growth, as a result it is often used as a serum for eyebrows and natural lashes.

How to use it is as follows:

  • Pour olive oil on the cotton. Apply the cotton to the lashes carefully, following the direction of growth of the lashes.
  • You can try it before bed and wash it in the morning or wash it off after the oil has absorbed.

3. Petroleum jelly

The natural ingredient used to lengthen the next lash is petroleum jelly. This one ingredient is basically a skin moisturizer and only has moisturizing claims. But many try to apply petroleum jelly to their lashes and experience faster lash growth.

How to glue lashes with petroleum jelly:

  • Apply petroleum jelly to your lashes using an old spoolie or mascara brush
  • Let stand for one night and wash in the morning

4. Candlenut oil

The properties of hazelnut oil for growing hair are no longer being used. Therefore, you can use hazelnut oil as an option for natural ingredients to lengthen your lashes.

How to curl lashes with hazelnut oil is a kind of below:

  • Apply hazelnut oil using a cotton swab or cotton bud all over the lashes
  • Let it sit until it absorbs or let it sit overnight, then wash it off with clean water

5. Castor oil

Apart from hazelnut oil, another oil that is believed to be good for curling lashes is castor oil or castor oil. The content of fatty acids in castor oil is believed to promote hair growth.

How to use it is as follows:

  • Apply castor oil to the lashes using a spoolie or cotton ball
  • Live before bed, then wash in the morning

6. How to Curl and Lengthen Eyelashes

Curling lashes naturally does not give instant results, but this method is considered safe and cheap. Here are some ways that must be practiced for maximum results:

  • Live it regularly or routinely, if it’s safe to try every day, then do it every day.
  • Stay away from eye make-up first. Use of make-up often causes lashes to become brittle. If you have to wear eye make-up, make sure it is cleaned very gently so that the lashes don’t fall out too.
  • Make sure your lashes are in clean condition while practicing the natural materials above.
  • Use an eyelash curler. Every person has a different shape of eyelashes. Long lashes often have to be assisted with an eyelash curler to make them appear more curved.
  • Each method may want to share different results with each person. Try some methods and choose the ones that are very safe and efficient for you.
  • You can also use fake lashes to get curvy lashes. You can also use products from eyelashes manufacturer Indonesia PT. Sung Shim International. We recommend using Lumi Beauty which is suitable for Asian women because it looks natural and charming.

Maybe this is the only information we can provide, hopefully the method or tips above can be your choice to quickly curl your lashes. May be useful.