How to Remove False Eyelash Glue  – Wearing false eyelashes can add drama to the makeup you use. With thicker, longer, and voluminous false eyelashes, the make-up will come alive.

How to Remove False Eyelash Glue

How to remove false eyelash glue in one swipe is a miracle that is quite rare for most women to do. In the past, it was possible to remove false eyelash glue using only tools such as tweezers, which some women often do.

In fact, this method of removing false eyelash glue is less effective and often leaves glue on the eyes for days. This can happen, because false eyelashes or lumi eyelashes have glue that is strong enough, so if you just want to remove it, it will hurt and leave glue residue on your eyelids or even your eyelashes.

Well, here we are going to give you some steps to remove false eyelash glue from your eyelids in minutes (without pulling your natural eyelashes) using just Eye Makeup Remover.

  1. Select Product

The easiest way to peel off eyelash glue is of course by using a product that has been specially designed, one of which is by using an eye makeup remover. This product is very useful for removing eye makeup perfectly, Choose an eye makeup remover based on the formula, because each product has a different formula. Such as cleansing/mcellar water, dual-phase remover, gel, cream, wipes,… of all these products can be categorized into only two types, namely oil-based and non-oil-based eye makeup remover.

An oil-based eye makeup remover will be more effective at breaking down eyelash adhesive. However, if you plan to use your eyelashes or lumi eyelashes again, we recommend choosing an eye makeup remover with an oil-free formula.

This is because the oil residue left on false eyelashes can make it difficult for the glue to re-attach. There are several makeup brands that sell eyelash glue removers that are specifically designed to remove false lashes.

  1. Use cotton

After you have chosen the eye make up remover, the next step is to pour enough eye makeup remover on the cotton. The function of the cotton is to hold the eye makeup remover from entering the eye, which will make the eye feel sore or even irritated if the product you are using is not “soft”

  1. Paste cotton

Next, stick a cotton swab on the eyelid and give it a little pressure, this is so that the eye makeup remover doesn’t drip. Gently press the cotton pad along your lash line, right where the false lashes are on your eyelids. This will allow the eye makeup remover to sink in and loosen the false eyelash glue better.

After that, run the cotton pad along the lash line around your eyelids. Gently wipe the cotton pad over the lash line attached to your eyelid to help loosen the false lashes adhesive.

  1. False Eyelashes

Once the false eyelashes start to lose their glue, start pulling the edges on the false lashes. Make sure you peel from the outer corner of the lashes, which tend to fall off easily.

Once the outer corner is free, pull the lashes towards the inner corner. Make sure to remove them slowly and carefully, so you don’t damage the curve of the false eyelashes.

Well, that was a series of tips on how to remove false eyelash glue. Which of course you can do easily right?.