How to Take Care of Eyelashes to Make it More Beautiful – Having long, curved, healthy lashes is a dream of every woman. However, most of the women only care about the beauty of their lashes by applying just mascara to their lashes to make them look the way they want. With no matter how much mascara you apply to your lashes, the most important and important thing is a condition of lashes that are very strong and healthy and do not fall out.

How to Take Care of Eyelashes to Make it More Beautiful

Here are some kinds of things you can do or apply to get healthier and more beautiful lashes. Let’s look at the information below.

  1. Clean the eyes with a special eye makeup remover

For the first, we have to clean mascara, you can use a special cleanser for eyes that contains water and oil. However, oil will be more effective at removing the remaining mascara remaining on the lashes than water. This also applies to even non-waterproof mascara. Never clean mascara from time to time by manually pulling it out of your lashes. This certainly can make your lashes fall out easily.

  1. Not sharing makeup with other people

Almost all women often do this. Either borrow from someone else’s makeup or even lend it. Even if it is known this is not recommended because it can be a medium for the spread of bad bacteria or germs. Including eye makeup and tools such as mascara and eyelash curlers. Eyelashes that work to filter out dust so that it doesn’t get into the eye, are certainly exposed to various kinds of dust and germs. When the same mascara is used by several different people, it is possible to exchange bacteria or germs.

  1. Vitamin E for lashes

A content of antioxidants that is very high in vitamin E can also help the growth of healthy and strong hair, including eyelashes. The application of vitamin E can also improve the circulation of hair follicles. So vitamin E is very helpful for the growth of your eyelashes, which often fall out.

  1. Gently massage the lashes, lids, and lash line

By doing a gentle massage on the eye, especially the area of ​​the lashes, lids, and lash line every day or regularly can also stimulate the growth of the lashes. You can use your ring finger to do this gentle massage and don’t put too much pressure on your eyes.

  1. Use an eyelash serum

Currently, there must be a lot of eyelash serum products available in beauty stores or the market that are useful for treating your lashes. Serum can make your lashes stronger, thicker, and less prone to falling out. Usually, eyelash serum must be used at night, along with skin care at night.

How is that How to Take Care of Eyelashes to Make them More Beautiful, it’s quite easy, not you just do it regularly, that way you can get beautiful, healthy and strong lashes. Maybe this is the only information we can provide. If you want to get more information about lashes, you can visit our official website, PT. Sung Shim International. Not only information, but they also sell high quality false eyelashes and also various types of eyelashes ranging from synthetic hair, human hair and animal hair. Hopefully this is useful.