How to use false eyelashes for beginners – using false eyelashes is very common among women, how to use false lashes seems very complicated and can ruin eye make-up if you apply it incorrectly. Especially if you are just trying to wear lashes.

How to use false lashes for beginners

Lashes that are thick and curved are the dream of all women. But if you have thin and curvy lashes it can be a problem because it takes a very long time to thicken your lashes. Certainly some women have doubts about using false eyelashes because they feel they don’t look natural and complicated. Actually, if used properly wearing lashes is not that complicated. Follow How to use false eyelashes for beginners.

1. Know the shape of your eyes

Before you choose the type of lashes to use, it would be nice if you already know the shape of your real eye so that it is easy to adjust it to the false lashes you want to use.

2. Measure the length of your eyelids

You have to match the size of your lashes to the length of your eyelids. Don’t let the false lashes be longer than the size of your lids. Trim false lashes if necessary according to eye size.

3. Put the correct glue

To avoid messy glue, if possible don’t put the glue directly on the lashes, it’s better to draw it from the long line on the back of the hand and then glue the lashes. Gently blow until the glue isn’t so wet when you apply it.

4. Glue the lashes to the eyes

If you stick the false lashes to your eyes, stick them before the real lashes and don’t let any parts get stuck. Occasionally you can open your eyes to make sure the position is correct

5. Using eyeliner

This is the final stage if the false lashes are already attached, try to apply them using liquid eyeliner to draw the eye line and also fill in the gaps.

That is the explanation of How to use false eyelashes for beginners, it turns out that it is not too complicated to use false lashes, so that you are smarter, don’t forget to keep practicing how to use them. Good luck.