How to use the Eye Patch for the Maximum – Eye patch masks are not really new in the skincare world. Beauty enthusiasts are certainly familiar with this special mask for this eye part. Especially for fans of Korean skincare brands, the rich eye patch mask is a must-have product.

How to use the Eye Patch for the Maximum

Eye patch mask is recommended for those of you who have tired eyes to make them fresh again. Moreover, eye patch masks can also optimize the use of eye serum and reduce puffiness.

In order to give maximum results, you also need to know the right steps when wearing an eye patch mask. Furthermore, the steps for using an eye patch mask are more recommended, Ladies!

  1. Make sure the face is clean

Whatever the form of treatment, you must have a clean face and free from makeup, ash and dirt. When going to wear an eye mask, it is imperative that the eye zone be really clean.

Make sure the decoration is perfectly lifted, you need to use an eye make up remover, then wash your face, generally using a cleanser or facial foam.

  1. Read the User’s Guide

The way to wear an eye mask with a patch is not the same as an eye mask in the form of a cream. You should understand the instructions printed on the back of the mask before putting it on. It could be that the eye patch mask that you are going to use has different contents and conditions of use.

  1. Place the Mask in the Base Area of ​​the Eyes

For patch eye masks, you only need to free the flat plastic covering the mask (if any). After that, you can attach it directly to the base of the eye. So that the mask solution doesn’t get into the eyes, use an eye patch mask at the base of the outer end of your lashes, Ladies.

How to measure it by closing the side of the eye, then observing the zone covered by lashes. You should stay away from that zone, then put an eye mask under it.

Put the eye mask on from the inside of the eye (near the nose). Then, press the eye patch mask while attaching other parts until the mask adheres perfectly. If there is still air trapped in the mask, press the eye patch mask from the inside outwards and upwards.

How easy is it instead of using the Eye Patch, maybe that’s all the information we can convey to all of you ladies. Hopefully the information we have provided above can be useful for all of you.