Is it Safe to Thicken Eyebrows with Minoxidil – At first, many men used Minoxidil as a medium to grow beards and mustaches. But not a few women are also curious and want to grow eyebrows to eyelashes with this Minoxidil media. Is it safe to use Minoxidil?

Is it safe to thicken eyebrows with Minoxidil

Quoted from various health sites, Minoxidil is a drug that is useful for stimulating hair growth. Minoxidil itself is included in the vasodilator class, which is a drug that functions to dilate blood vessels so that blood flow becomes smoother.

Even now, minoxidil content is not only used in hair loss products. Minoxidil content is also often used as an ingredient to grow beards and eyebrows which are widely available in the market.

Minoxidil works by prematuring hair follicles and placing them in the anagen phase. This causes the hair follicles to rapidly pass through the catogen and telogen phases before the appearance of regrown hair.

Thus, the hair growth cycle will be faster. Because new hair growth is faster than normal hair growth. However, at the beginning of use, hair will generally experience loss. This is what often makes users stop using it at the beginning of treatment, even though the results are still not visible, Ladies. So we also have to be consistent in using it.

Amankah Menebalkan Alis dengan Minoxidil

But for those of you who want to use Minoxidil, it would be nice if you consult a doctor first. Especially for those of you who experience allergies to drugs, food, or other ingredients.

Avoid using it if you have eczema, psoriasis and scalp wounds. Also avoid using minoxidil in the eye area, for those of you who want to grow eyebrows with minoxidil you can use it regularly ladies to get maximum results.

 To overcome hair loss or grow hair in certain areas, the use of minoxidil must be through extra supervision, Ladies. The dosage between men and women is also different. In men, minoxidil is usually used at 2% to 5%. Whereas for women, minoxidil is recommended to be used only 2%.

Use minoxidil according to the directions on the drug packaging, or according to the dosage and recommendation from your doctor. Taking more than the recommended dosage of minoxidil will not make hair grow faster, but it can actually increase the risk of side effects. You need to remember that Minoxidil is a hard drug class, so you have to be careful about using it, ladies.