Korean Artist Natural Makeup – Korean Culture Fever has entered Indonesia. Everything that smells or relates to Korea starts from food, Korean movies or dramas, as well as clothing and imitated. Not to forget, of course, Korean makeup styles that look natural are also popular.

There is a basic comparison between Korean makeup styles and western makeup styles. Korean makeup style has a softer appearance and looks natural. In contrast to western makeup styles, which tend to be more assertive and bold.

Korean Artist Natural Makeup

Korean makeup generally uses lip tint like lip rouge. On the other hand, western makeup usually uses lipstick for rouge. If you are new to or exploring the world of makeup, one of the makeup looks that can be the first option to be accompanied is natural Korean-style makeup. Here are some natural makeup methods in the style of Korean artists that are easy to imitate for new users.

  1. Primer and Moisturizer

The first and basic Korean artist-style natural makeup method is moisturizing. Before applying makeup products, make sure not to forget to apply a primer or moisturizer as a makeup base. Moist skin allows make-up to stick longer. You can also apply sunscreen after applying moisturizer to your face. This is so that you are always protected from the bad light of the sun.

Choose the right moisturizer or primer for your skin. If you choose the wrong moisturizer, it’s not glowing skin that you have but acne that will arise. You definitely don’t want this to happen. Also use a moisturizer as needed, if there is too much your skin will even look oily.

  1. Using BB Cushion or BB Cream

Like a Korean-style makeup foundation, you can use a BB cushion. If you don’t have a BB Cushion, you can use BB Cream after using a moisturizer. But usually Korean people wear BB Cushion. This is because BB Cushion is considered more instant and easy to apply than BB Cream. The form of the BB Cushion that has been accompanied by this puff makes it more instant.

Also choose a BB Cushion or BB Cream style that suits your skin. If you choose a very white tone from your skin tone, the appearance of the face will be gray. Choose a pattern that is close to your skin tone. Not very white and not very black.

  1. Wear Natural False Eyelashes

Using false eyelashes can make the makeup look more complete and make you as a woman more confident again, this has been tried by thousands if not hundreds of people in various countries. Maybe you can use this method to increase your self-confidence, there is nothing wrong with trying rather than having to feel less confident.

However, to explore Korean-style makeup, you must choose natural false eyelashes which are made for Asian people. A kind of false eyelashes with the brand MASKI Eyelashes made by an Indonesian eyelashes manufacturer, namely PT. Sung Shim International in collaboration with VIKA which is specifically for Asian women.

  1. Wearing Eyeshadow

So that you look more fresh, use a nude patterned eyeshadow. Selection of skin-colored eyeshadow shades. You can apply eyeshadow with your fingers and spread the eyeshadow on the lids, the base of the eyes, and the corners of the eyes. Make the corner of the eye, apply eyeshadow from the outside in.

  1. Wear Blush On

The next step after eye makeup ends, you can apply blush on your cheeks. Choose natural motifs such as peach orange and pink to give a natural fresh look. Application is thin and thorough. There is a blush style that is currently popular with young children, namely the drunk blush style. To get this blush look, you only need to apply blush on the aunt close to the eyes until it passes through the nose. The application is thin and takes a long time so that the appearance looks natural.

  1. Use Liptint for Lips

The last step to get a natural Korean look is to apply lip tint. Koreans are more likely to choose liptint because of its durability and light recipe.

Eyelashes manufacturer Indonesia provides various types of false eyelashes according to the model you like, not just the model but the quality of the eyelashes is arguably very good because it is made of soft and smooth fur.

Maybe that’s the only explanation we can convey, hopefully the explanation above can be useful for all of you. We are ready to help you with eyelash problems. For those of you who want to know us more about the Indonesian eyelashes manufacturer, you can comment in the column below.