Korean style slanted eye makeup – Currently, Koreanstyle makeup trends are being favored by women in Asia, because it makes their appearance look fresher and more natural. It’s not confusing, because women in Korea generally wear light and not exaggerated facial makeup. And one part of their face that they never forget to make up is the eyes.

Korean style slanted eye makeup

Even though it looks trivial, eye makeup is not an easy matter. You have to understand the right makeup method, so that your eye makeup looks natural like your makeup. Furthermore, there are some easy steps in eye makeup that you can do, to get more natural eye makeup.

1. Use an eye mask to get rid of panda eyes

Korean women pay close attention to eye make-up, that’s why they are also very concerned about eye health. Lack of sleep at night can have devastating effects on the eyes, namely by the appearance of dark circles at the bottom of the eyes. Or commonly spoken with panda eyes.

To reduce the dark circles at the bottom of the eyes, before starting to apply eye makeup, wear an eye mask (eye mask) for a few minutes. Eye masks can help cope with panda eyes and restore eye fitness, as a result your eyes will look fresh again.

2. Compress the eyes with ice cubes to reduce eye bags

Ice cubes are known to be one of the natural ingredients that can help protect your makeup so that it lasts and sticks to your face for a long time. Not only that, in fact, ice cubes can also help reduce eye bags. Therefore make it a habit to compress your eyes with ice cubes before applying makeup, so that your eye bags are disguised and your eye makeup will last longer.

3. Use eyeliner to frame the eyes to make them look bigger

Women in Asia, especially in East Asia such as Korea, Japan, and China, usually have slanted eyes. Therefore, to make the eyes look bigger, they generally wear eyeliner to frame the eyes.

Not only that, the use of eyeliner on the eyes, in fact, can make the eyes look fresher and more attractive. But so that your eyeliner doesn’t fade due to sweat, wear waterproof eyeliner.

4. Pinch your lashes until they look curled

In everyday make-up, Korean women are known to be very fond of light and simple makeup. Listed for eye makeup. From wearing false lashes, they generally just curl their lashes until they look curled and natural.

You can also apply mascara to protect the shape so that it lasts longer. But to stay away from faded mascara and stain your eyes, you should also sort out waterproof mascara.

5. Wear eyeshadow with pastel or nude colors, for everyday makeup

For everyday make-up, stay away from using eyeshadow that has glitter as it can give off an exaggerated impression. On the other hand, just use an eyeshadow with a nude or pastel motif, as a result, it will give your eyes a natural impression.

Just apply eyeshadow in a thin way on the eyes, as a result your makeup looks natural but still fresh. In order for the eyeshadow to last longer, you can use a base eyeshadow first. Or compress your eyes by wearing ice cubes.

So, in fact, it’s really easy, right? Korean style slanted eye makeup? You have to remember, always choose pastel or nude colors as a result, your make-up and eyes always look natural and not too much. Next, apply light makeup, because basically women in Korea really like simple and light makeup. Good luck!