Look Perfect with False Eyelashes – Using lashes can make our eyes look more beautiful. But the wrong way to attach can make lashes look weird and unnatural. Well here PT. Sung Shim International will provide tips on how to look perfect using false lashes and also how to attach the correct false lashes.

Look Perfect with False Eyelashes

To look perfect, you can use fake lashes, because by using false lashes, the lashes that look thin can look thick and also tapering. Now for false eyelashes and glue, you shouldn’t just choose, if you choose the wrong one, your eyes can be irritated. We recommend products from PT. Sung Shim International which is known for its safety and quality. Take a peek at the secrets of using fake lashes here to make them look perfect.

  1. Choosing the Right Glue

Eyelash glue plays an important role as the glue between the false lashes and your eye line. If you use very strong glue, your lashes will fall out too when you pull out the false lashes. Choose black glue so that it blends in with your lashes. Not only that, the black glue will look like eyeliner when it’s dry.

  1. Apply Glue Using a Cotton Bud

The large amount of glue can make false lashes difficult to stick on and messy. In order to control the amount of glue that comes out, apply the glue to the cotton bud first, then spread the glue that is attached to the cotton bud on the false lashes for a more even result. Wait a few seconds, then stick it in your eyes.

  1. Apply the Glue Directly to the Eyelashes

If you find it difficult when applying lash glue, try applying it directly to your eye line, most recently, apply false lashes for easier use. Apply a thin layer, being careful not to get into the eye.

  1. Curl Lashes & Use Mascara Before

Preparing the condition of your lashes before putting on your false lashes will make them look more naturally blended. Make sure you pin your lashes first, then use mascara. Before applying mascara to false lashes, trim the false lashes so that they are perfectly attached to the eye, then coat it with mascara a second time.

  1. Cut Eyelashes So Several Parts

The longer and thicker the false lashes you use, the more difficult it will be to stick them neatly. You can cut the false lashes into 2- 3 sections and then attach them one by one starting at the very end. You can also stick the fake lashes only at the end of the eye to make it look natural.

  1. Take advantage of black eyeliner afterwards

If there is a gap between your false lashes and your eye line or if the glue is running over, don’t panic. Get out of it with a black patterned liquid eyeliner and grease the area in question. No one will know if you made a mistake because it was covered with eyeliner.

  1. Put the mirror on the table

If your hands often shake when you put your false lashes on, put the mirror on the table and put your lashes pointing downward. The elbows that are supported by the table can make your hand movements more normal. Not only that you can see your eyes more clearly in this position.

  1. Do not be rushed when releasing it

Pulling out false lashes directly without preparation can cause your lashes to pull out of the glue. Wet a cotton ball with a gentle eye makeup remover, then stick it on your eyes for 20 seconds to loosen the glue that sticks. After that, the false lashes will be easier to pull out without causing your lashes to pull out too.

Here’s how to look perfect using false lashes and how to use the right false lashes to look your best. If you are interested in using false lashes you can take a look at the products offered by PT. Sung Shim International. The products offered by this false eyelash manufacturer are guaranteed of quality and the price is also relatively cheap.