Maski Eyelashes – Eyelashes brand created by collaboration between SSI and VIKA brand (famous for nailjam in Korea) With eyelashes suitable for Asian women looking for natural, you can look into your eyes with a unique design package and find the style that suits you.

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Maski Eyelashes

Maski Eyelashes is an eyelash brand produced by PT Sung Shim International and has collaboration with the famous VIKA in Korea. We are the best fake eyelash manufacturer in Indonesia. We will produce eyelashes in a timely manner which will be adjusted to the wishes of the customer.

MASKI Eyelashes are produced with high-level technology to create natural eyelashes that are suitable for ASIA women with high quality. MASKI Eyelashes have 3 unique types of eyelashes, namely eyelashes with long tail type, separate type, and long type.

If you want to look in a unique and attractive style, use MASKI eyelashes with long tail type eyelashes, which will make your appearance not too excessive but still luxurious. For separate types and long types will be more suitable for daily activities.

Sung Shim International  always keep our promises to our customers as customer wants. Customized production for customers with rich production experience and know-how, everything about eyelashes. SSI produce only reliable products through thorough quality control and supply them safely and on time according to the customer’s plan. SSI always want to be a company that can think about what customers want and give the answers they want.

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