Monolid Eye Makeup Tips – Many Asian women in some countries have monolids, such as Japan, Korea, China and Indonesia, too! Monolid eyelids are characterized by small lids and do not naturally crease.

Monolid Eye Makeup Tips

Don’t complain when you apply eye makeup but all the makeup you have used is not visible or your eyes still look thin. Having monolid eyelids is neither a problem nor a drawback, for women who have monolid eyes definitely want different attention. Especially for eye makeup, there are special tricks that you can follow in order to get the maximum eye makeup. Next, we want to give you tips for eye makeup types monolids. Check out the following information below.

  1. Making Fake Crease

This is one of the methods commonly used by monolid eyelid owners, is to make a fake crease or make a fantasy as if it has eyelid creases. Fake Crease is a method of using eyeshadow in an eyeshadow format where the crease of the eyelid is usually located on the eye.

  1. Making Cut Crease

Not much different from the fake crease technique, this technique is also useful for emphasizing the crease of the eyelids with the help of eyeshadow. When applying this crease cut technique, it will emphasize the crease of your eyelids which will give the eye a bigger dimension and effect. Therefore, the results of applying this technique will be suitable and beautiful if it is used for those of you who have small eyes or do not have eye creases.

  1. The Smoky Eye Makeup

There are many techniques that you can use to make monolid eyelids, you can choose which method suits you best. Well, this smoky eye technique can also be a great choice for monolid eyelids. Make no mistake, monolids also have features that other eye forms cannot have. Because monolids can maximize the dramatic effect, especially with smoky eyes makeup.

  1. Adding dimensions

Not only using fake crease, you can also make monolid eyes look more dimensional. With this technique, you need to highlight or lighten the eyeshadow color in the middle of the eyelid. Don’t miss it to highlight the inner corner of the eye too. This method can make the eyes pop and stand out more. Also, use shimmery eyeshadow on the middle of the eyelid.

  1. Use a Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Applying liquid eyeliner is difficult, but the experienced precision of liquid eyeliner can give the illusion of having an eye crease. In order to further clarify the shape of the eye, you can also give a little wing on the outside of the eye. But remember, don’t overdo it in order to get maximum results!

  1. Use Volumizing Mascara or False Eyelashes

You can apply mascara to give volume to your lashes, and the makeup on your face will look more open and fresher. For those of you who have lashes that are not that long, you can also use fake lashes that look natural. Using this can add volume to your overall eye make-up.

Here are some Monolid Eye Makeup Tips that we can provide, we hope that this information can be applied to you monolid eyes. If you want to use false lashes you can look at products from PT Sung Shim International because there are many different choices and also attractive designs.