OEM ODM Eyelashes – OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a company that designs and manufactures products (components or finished goods) according to the specifications it determines and sells them to the buyer’s company.

Big brand companies in developed countries make the concept and design of a product, carry out R&D to prototype form. However, mass production efficiency is carried out at other companies, so that the company that owns the original brand does not even need to build its own factory. Sufficient production is carried out to other companies that have factories and provide OEM services.

OEM ODM Eyelashes

In short, OEM is a service provided by a company that has a factory to produce goods from another company, with the other company’s brand name. Where all copyrights are the rights of the brand owner.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) is a company that designs and produces production (components or finished goods) in accordance with the specifications determined by the buying company.

ODM is a type of service provided by a large and advanced company, where the company has the resources to make product designs, concepts, to R&D research and most importantly, is able to produce the goods themselves.

ODM services, meaning that the company produces goods that are usually produced for self-sale, but also produces brands according to the buyer’s order in a certain quantity.

We are PT. Sung Shim International is an Indonesian eyelashes manufacturer that designs and manufactures OEM and ODM eyelashes. If you want to make eyelashes according to the specifications that you want, you can contact us with the Whatsapp icon that we have included on our official website.

One example of an eyelash brand that we produce and cooperate with other companies that use the ODM or Original Design Manufacturer system is MASKI Eyelashes which produces natural lashes in collaboration with VIKA (famous for nail jams in Korea) which are suitable for Asian women.

We produce lashes of the highest quality that will make you satisfied with our lashes production. Production will be tailored to the wishes of customers with rich production experience and knowledge, everything about eyelashes.

We are PT. Sung Shim International only produces reliable products through thorough quality control and supplies them safely and on time according to customer plans.