Perfect The Look Of The Eyes With False Eyelashes – Make eye makeup a mainstay of women to get a different look instantly. One option chosen is to use false eyelashes.

Selection of false eyelashes is very instrumental in efforts to perfect the look of the eyes with false eyelashes. The thicker and more natural, the more lively his eyes. Various types of false eyelashes, some are thin, thick, long and short.

Perfect The Look Of The Eyes With False Eyelashes

For daytime, use natural false eyelashes and approach the original eyelashes. Whereas for the night thick false eyelashes can be an option. For narrow eyes, choose short, thick, fake eyelashes. It aims to make the eyes look bigger. As for the owner of big eyes, choose eyelashes that are not too thick but rather sharp.

Before sticking, we recommend measuring the first false eyelashes that you will use. When measuring lid lid. If it’s too long, fake eyelash scissors on the tip. After that, apply glue to the false eyelashes before sticking it to the eyelid. Wait three or five minutes for the glue to dry slightly. Then paste it.

Eye makeup that is already alive will make the overall appearance the most charming. With eyes that look alive, no need to use powder and lipstick that is too thick. In addition to choosing the right false eyelashes, another factor that affects the appearance of the living eye is the use of mascara, eyeliner, and the right eye shadow.

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