Read This Before Using False Eyelashes – Eyelashes are an important element to complete your makeup look. Hair around the eyes can make a person’s face look youthful, but it can also make a person’s eyes look puffy and not fresh. Therefore, not a few fans of makeup prefer to use false eyelashes that are thicker and longer.

Read This Before Using False Eyelashes

False eyelashes play an active role in making eyelashes thicker, longer, sweeter and more dramatic than real eyelashes. There are different types of false eyelashes, from normal false eyelashes to glittery ones.

Although false eyelashes and extensions have been heard a lot, sometimes there are still people who doubt this makeup tool. SSIZ’s Director of Marketing and Head of International Brand Procurement, Rayed Merchant, provides practical guidance on false eyelashes, quoted from Times of India.

Quoting from the manufacturer of maski eyelashes, here are some things you should know before wearing false eyelashes:

  1. Eyelash Type

False eyelashes can be adjusted according to the style and shape of the eye. Individual lashes can be placed throughout the path of real lashes, there are even magnetic false lashes. False eyelash materials can also be chosen according to the wearer’s wishes, ranging from natural fur, synthetic fibers to human hair.

  1. Cut false eyelashes before wearing

Everyone has a different eye shape, so it is very important to match false eyelashes to the eyes of the wearer. Start by trimming the outer corners of the false eyelashes until they are a length that matches the user’s eye. Also be sure to trim any small edges of false eyelashes that could get into their eyes and irritate their sensitive eyes.

  1. Use an eyelash curler

Be sure to curl your lashes before using false lashes so that your natural lashes curl like false lashes. That way, the eyelashes will be smoother and easier to apply, and look like a combination of two sets of real and false eyelashes.

  1. Wear mascara

Apply mascara to your natural lashes first to add color and volume and blend real and false lashes better. Don’t apply too much mascara, maybe just a few coats on your natural lashes. Wait for the mascara to dry to reduce unwanted dirt and damage when applying false eyelashes.

  1. Read more about false eyelash glue to use

For those with sensitive or allergic eyes, it is very important to check the content of false eyelash glue. Although rare, cyanoacrylate ingredients can cause problems such as burns, swelling, and itching. Be careful not to use too much glue, leave a small space of about 1 millimeter between the glue and the skin, and use a NanoMister to help the glue adhere faster. Also, be careful with latex if you are allergic or sensitive. Some of the safe ingredients that can be used are vegan, latex-free, hypoallergenic, cyanocrylate-free, or low-grade.

  1. Use the applicator

Use the applicator or tweezers to adjust the eyelashes. It is safer to use the applicator than fingers. When using your fingers, be careful not to pull the false eyelashes out of the case, as this can take their shape off. You better pull it down and slowly slide it out of the box.

  1. Allow the glue to dry until it has a sticky consistency.

Once the glue has been applied to the false eyelashes, allow the glue to dry slightly until it becomes sticky. Some people wiggle false eyelashes to dry quickly, like the Polaroid photo. Another thing you can do is flip the false eyelashes to loosen them.

  1. Apply false eyelashes just above the natural lash line

Place the false eyelashes just above the lash line. The skin closest to the eyelids should be 1 mm. This keeps the glue away from the fragile lash line and keeps the same distance when doing eyelash extensions.

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