Reasons People Use False Eyelashes – Eyelashes are a part of the human body that serves to protect the eyes from dust. If you are in a dusty or polluted area. Then inadvertently the eyes will blink so that dust or dirt does not enter the eyes.

In addition to having these functions, eyelashes also have an aesthetic function for women. Dense, long and curly eyelashes are the standard for beautiful eyelashes and are coveted by women.

Many women are trying to get thick, long and curly eyelashes nowadays. Starting from using natural methods to instant. The natural methods commonly used are aloe vera, candlenut oil, coconut water, and some are even willing to go around the fish market just to get shrimp eggs.

These natural ingredients are believed to be able to thicken and nourish the growth of eyelashes. But there are also some women who give up on using these natural ingredients on a regular basis. Naturally, the use of natural ingredients has a different effect on each woman.

This is because every woman has a different eyelash gene. If the woman’s parents have thick eyelashes, the offspring will also have thick eyelashes.

If the opposite happens, using natural ingredients or drugs will not make the offspring’s eyelashes thicker and more fertile.

Reasons People Use False Eyelashes

To get the appearance of thick and curly eyelashes, some women use makeup such as mascara. Currently, many mascara providers provide various mascara innovations with different results.

There are mascaras that give the effect of natural eyelashes, more volume eyelashes, thicker eyelashes, and much more. Most mascaras are waterproof, so they don’t fade or break when exposed to sweat or tears. Using mascara for a long time can cause eyelashes to fall out easily and thin.

Of course this will be very scary for many women. That’s why many women switch to using false eyelashes and reduce the use of mascara. The number of fans of false eyelashes makes many manufacturers vying to sell various types of false eyelashes.

Starting from natural false eyelashes to stormy false eyelashes that Syahrini had made a fuss about some time ago.

Types of eyelashes that are often used

The use of false eyelashes can support the makeup that has been used to make it look more alive and the eyes look fresher and more beautiful. The large selection of false eyelashes today should not confuse you and lead to the wrong choice of false eyelashes.

It’s good you know more about eyelashes that are good for your eye shape. The wrong choice of false eyelashes can result in excessive eye makeup or even seem tacky.

Natural eyelashes

Brand maski eyelashes are natural eyelashes that have a natural appearance, not tight, light and comfortable to use for a long time. These eyelashes are suitable for use in various formal and casual events such as attending a job interview call, going to the office or just going to the mall with a girlfriend or friend.

These false eyelashes are good for women who have slanted eyes. Because the slanted eye shape that does not have lids will give the effect of wider eyes, the eyelashes are more curled and natural.

Thick eyelashes

Thick eyelashes have a look that tends to be dense, heavy and glamorous. These eyelashes should be used during formal occasions such as attending a wedding, birthday party or close friend’s graduation.

These false eyelashes are also great for women with small eyes and convex eyes. The middle eye crease in small eyes is usually lower.

Using thick eyelashes will give the effect of the eyes looking fresh, wide and long. While its use on convex eyes can reduce the convex impression on the eyes.

lower lashes

Lower lashes have a sparse appearance compared to natural lashes. This is because the lower eyelashes are used as a complement. Lower eyelashes are commonly used by makeup artists when dressing women who are getting married, being performers or singers.

Using the lower lashes is quite difficult because incorrectly applying it can make the used concealer messy. But if you successfully install it, then your eyes will look wide and alive. We can see the use of lower eyelashes from makeup artists Avril Lavigne and Beyonce. The use of lower eyelashes accompanied by dark eye shadow under the eyes accentuates the color of the eyeball.

Individual lashes

There are two types of individual lashes currently circulating in online stores, namely cluster lashes and individual lashes. The use of this type of eyelash is the most complicated but if you successfully install it then you will get satisfactory results.

These eyelashes are suitable for use by those who do not find false eyelashes to their liking. Its use which tends to be complicated makes it rarely used for personal use and most of them need help from experts in beauty salons.