Recognize the Mistakes of Using Mascara – Ladies, are you one of those people who likes to use mascara? If it is true, you must have experienced mistakes in using mascara. Often times women experience mistakes in using mascara. When you wanted to look beautiful with mascara, it made your lashes messy.

Recognize the Mistakes of Using Mascara

In fact, not infrequently, mistakes in using mascara are often repeated and not realized. For that, it would be nice for you ladies to know the mistakes in using mascara first. What are the mistakes in using mascara? Let we see this resume.

  1. Do not pinch the lashes before applying

The mistake that most women often make is forgetting to curl their lashes before applying mascara. This error results in the appearance of your lashes not being maximally curved. In fact, pinching your lashes before using mascara can make a curl impression on ladies’ lashes. Therefore, for you ladies, don’t forget to pinch your lashes before using mascara.

  1. Wrong Pattern of Application

Another mistake that is no less important for you to pay attention to is the wrong application pattern. This mistake often occurs when you apply mascara in a motion that starts from the root to the tip. This method makes the mascara you use does not stick perfectly and the curling effect will not be optimal.

The application method that should be done is to apply it in a zigzag pattern from right to left. That way, the results will be better and also satisfying.

  1. Curling Eyelashes After Applying Mascara

This one mistake is often tried with the aim of making the eyes tapering. But do you understand if that method is actually an error? Curling lashes after applying mascara makes them prone to fall.

The situation when the eyelashes end up being applied with mascara will freeze as a result when pinched makes them easy to fall and weak. If you try to penetrate it, you have the potential to irritate your lashes. Slightly wedge your lashes early before applying mascara.

  1. Repeatedly apply mascara

The next mistake that also needs to be avoided is applying mascara many times. Why? Because this method can cause mascara to freeze. It turns out that it makes good eyes, the mascara that is applied actually makes your eyes abnormal and imperfect.

To avoid this, just apply the mascara 2 to 3 times so that the mascara recipe doesn’t freeze and the results are better. As a result, your eyes will look nicer and more charming.

  1. Wearing Mascara Only at the Edge

Well, one more mistake wearing mascara is wearing mascara only at the end of the lashes. You need to know that applying mascara only in a special part will make it less curved.

This is because the part that is polished with mascara will be heavier as a result, the shape of the lashes is not lifted. The result will not appear tapered. So that the matter is not intertwined, apply mascara thoroughly on all lashes so that it is more curled and nice.