The Best Brand of False Eyelashes – Makeup without wearing false eyelashes definitely feels like something is lacking. False eyelashes are very influential for make up. For those of you who have real eyelashes that are very thin, short and rarely very suitable to use false eyelashes to make it look thicker and longer.

Using false eyelashes is the right step, to look different and to apply makeup on certain occasions or moments. It’s better not to choose anything, because each shape and type of false eyelashes are different and may not match the type of eye so it looks unnatural.

The Best Brand of False Eyelashes

You’re looking for the best fake eyelash brand? We are PT. Sung Shim International manufactures false eyelashes that may be your choice, namely LUMI Beauty and MASKI Eyelashes. We are an Indonesian eyelash manufacturer that produces various types and shapes of false eyelashes that are definitely safe for you to use, visit the official website to find out more information.

False eyelashes with the brand LUMI Beauty are homemade eyelash brands from PT. Sung Shim International or SSI was first launched based on the highest level of eyelash manufacturing technology, 3D natural goods using human hair, extraordinary and glamorous that emphasizes volume and glamor.

Whereas MASKI Eyelashes is an eyelash brand created by a collaboration between Indonesian eyelash producer SSI and the VIKA brand (famous for nailjams in Korea). With eyelashes that are suitable for Asian women who are looking for nature, you can see your eyes with a unique design package and find a style that suits you.

To find out the appearance of eyelashes from the LUMI Beauty and MASKI Eyelahses brands that we produce, you can visit our official website to view the products that we have produced.

So, use false eyelashes of the highest quality, make sure you choose an eyelash brand that is sure to be guaranteed and trusted. Thus the article that we made, hopefully this article can provide useful information for you all.