Tips for choosing false eyelashes according to eye shape – Which woman doesn’t want her lashes to be thick and naturally curled? yes, besides eyebrows, eyelashes are an asset for women and even become mandatory objects to add to the appearance of women. Although there are several natural ways to make your lashes curl, using fake lashes is an instant choice for perfecting eye makeup.

Of the many types of eyelash brands that are sold in the market, it’s good to choose one that suits your eye shape so that the tapering effect you want is maximal. So here we will provide tips for choosing false eyelashes according to eye shape.

Tips for choosing false eyelashes according to eye shape

Round eye shape

Round eyes have a drooping tip line that makes the eyes appear rounded. For that we need false lashes that can give the illusion of longer eyes at the ends to lift the eyelids to make them look more up and sharp. Choose a precise lash shape, that is, the length on the outside with a medium thickness. If it is too thick it will make round eyes less open and unbalanced.

Sunken eyes shape

The shape of the sunken eyes is usually owned by middle eastern ancestors. The petals will protrude inward. You can use long and curly false lashes. This method will not make your eyes look heavy but it is enough to make them appear sharper.

Almond eye shape

Almond eyes are the most ideal eye shape compared to others. The pretty curved tip of the eye makes this eye type no need to bother with it. Almond eyes can enhance your appearance. The only thing that needs to be paid attention to is the thickness level, it will look smaller and make the eye less defined.

Asian eye shape

The narrow eye shape has a long tip and drooping eyelids, so the use of lashes that are too curled and dramatic is not appropriate. Because it will make false lashes look heavy and unbalanced with small eye size. The best choice for this eye type is individual lashes, which are false lashes in the form of small groups of lashes.

Big eye shape

The difference between big and round eyes is their size. When round eyes tend to focus on the tip of the eye only, big eyes are focused on their large size. Because the function of false lashes is to open the eyes to make them wider, then choose false lashes that have thick lashes on all sides. This makes the eyes appear fuller and less bulky without compromising their beauty.

The many types of false lashes that are sold in cosmetic shops are not merely indulging your desire to use everything as you wish. You also need to match the needs of your eyes. Not only because of trend, but we also have to be smart in using cosmetic products to make your beauty even more perfect.