Tips for Cleaning False Eyelashes and Extensions – Eyelashes can make eye makeup look dramatic, especially when adding eyelash extensions. No need to wear false eyelashes or mascara, your eyes have stolen the show.

Tips for Cleaning False Eyelashes and Extensions

However, installing eyelash extensions must be careful not to damage the original. To make them last long, eyelash extensions need proper care because strands of eyelashes fall out easily. Reporting from Maski Eyelashes, here are some tips for caring for eyelash extensions to make them last longer.

  1. Clean eyelashes before applying extensions

Before applying eyelash extensions, make sure your natural lashes are free of dirt or makeup. If your natural lashes are dirty, the extensions will be difficult to stick.

  1. Do not wet for the first 24 hours

Once your lashes are ready, don’t wet them for the first 24 hours. The glue hasn’t dried yet and if it comes in contact with water it will come off easily.

  1. Avoid steam

That means no sweating, swimming, or sauna workouts. During use, moisture should be avoided in the first 24 hours.

  1. Avoid oily products

Oils in makeup or skin care products can affect the quality of the glue, so it’s best to avoid them.

  1. Comb

Maintaining extensions is to comb regularly with the right brush at all times. It can keep its original shape because it is sometimes wrinkled.

  1. Do not pull or rub!

The first and most important rule after applying eyelashes is not to rub, tug, or pluck them in any way.

  1. No need for mascara

Even after using eyelash extensions, sometimes people still want to apply eyelashes. This will cause damage to the glue. So, don’t use mascara.

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