Tips for fake eyelashes to look natural – The use of false eyelashes in the make-up stage is usually done to cover the shortcomings of natural eyelashes that are short and not curly. But some women are still hesitant to use them for reasons of fear of makeup looking too much. Though there are ways false eyelashes look natural.

Tips for fake eyelashes to look natural

Here we will explain about natural looking false eyelashes because there are still many people who find it difficult to apply false eyelashes to perfect them with the makeup. for the appearance to look natural you can use this method.

  1. Choose a false eyelash shape that suits your eyes

You must choose false eyelashes that suit your eye shape, otherwise the eyelashes will not be comfortable when worn or when used. And choose a model that looks natural so it doesn’t look like you are wearing false eyelashes. If you are confused about choosing a design, our suggestion is that one of the eyelashes manufacturer or false eyelash manufacturer in Indonesia is trusted and produces false eyelashes with the best quality and of course very safe for long-term use, PT. Sung Shim International has been producing false eyelashes for years.

  1. Adjust to eye length

The first thing to do is you have to adjust to the length of the eye. The size of the eyelashes on a person is certainly different. Of course, the length of false eyelashes is always the same. If you feel the false eyelashes are too long, then you can trim them before use. Long false eyelashes will definitely disturb your appearance.

  1. Loosen eyelashes

Before applying glue to false eyelashes, it’s better that you loosen them first. False eyelashes are generally very tight so it can produce an unnatural look. Loosening eyelashes can be done to adjust to the shape of the eye arch. When your false eyelashes are loose. You will find it easier to install.

  1. Cut false eyelashes

For those of us who are beginners in terms of applying makeup, it will definitely meet the difficulties when installing false eyelashes. If this happens, you should first cut the false eyelashes into two parts. In this case we need to do so that it is no longer difficult to install it. But to note, the installation of both must be balanced.

  1. Use enough glue

In order for the false eyelashes to stick well, make sure you apply glue at the ends which are easier to remove if only a small amount of glue is used. Then use the special applicator to help apply it properly.

  1. Use eyeliner

Once the eyelashes are set correctly, finish the step by applying eyeliner along the eye line. The use of eyeliner can disguise the base of false eyelashes. That way the eyelashes used will look like original and look natural.

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