Tips for Installing Anti-Hassle False Eyelashes – False eyelashes are one of the complements of facial makeup, especially eye makeup. By installing false eyelashes, the eyes look more alive and also have character.

But usually, women will skip the use of false eyelashes in their makeup routine. The reason is, they don’t have much time to apply eyelashes, the results look ‘fake’, so it’s difficult to apply them yourself without the help of others.

Tips for Installing Anti-Hassle False Eyelashes

In fact, according to American makeup artist, Deanna Tharp, putting on false eyelashes is one of the fun parts of completing makeup. Like how? Here are tips for installing false eyelashes that are easy to do yourself.

  1. Know the type of eyelashes that suit your eye shape

False eyelashes or false lashes come in various types and sizes. For that, you need to adjust the type of false eyelashes according to the shape of your eyes. Find out if your eye shape is almind, round, monolid, hooded, and flat.

If you have monolid eyes, choose lashes that are shorter and thicker at the outer ends to make your eyes look bigger. When you have round eyes. Choose false eyelashes whose ends are curly and can make your eyes look more natural. As for the owner of almond eyes, you can use almost all types of false eyelashes.

  1. Use black eyeliner as a marker line

Before using false eyelashes, try to apply black eyeliner to the eye line. The point is to know the exact position where the false eyelashes will be attached. After finishing pasting, reapply black eyeliner to smooth and close the eyelash glue.

  1. Pay attention to how to remove eyelashes from the packaging

Do not immediately pull the eyelashes from the packaging because this will make the false eyelashes become pulled out too. Instead, use tweezers to pluck the false lashes and remove them from the top without touching the lashes.

  1. Roll up false eyelashes to make them more supple

To make false eyelashes more comfortable when used, you can try rolling the false eyelashes slowly. This goal is to be able to stretch the eyelashes and also create results that look natural and not stiff. You can do this slowly so you don’t damage the strands of the eyelashes.

  1. Measure the distance between false eyelashes and eye line

Before using eyelash glue, measure the distance between the eye and false eyelashes, as this is important. Installation of false eyelashes starts from growing natural eyelashes. If they are too close to the inside of your eye, false eyelashes will interfere with your vision and can irritate your eyes.

  1. Cut false eyelashes if they are too long

If the false eyelashes are too long and don’t fit your eyes, you can trim the outer ends using scissors. Don’t worry about this, because false eyelashes are usually made with strands of hair that are longer on the outside without reducing volume, thickness and curl.

Another way that can be done is to cut the eyelashes into three or four parts and attach the false eyelashes one by one. This method can be done for beginner false eyelashes users.

  1. Pay attention to how to use eyelash glue

There are several ways to use eyelash glue. First, you can glue the top of the eyelashes horizontally, wait a few seconds for it to dry a bit and stick it on the eye line. But this method is a bit difficult for those of you who are not used to applying eyelashes.

Then there is a second way that you can do, which is to put eyelash glue in a small container, then use tweezers to take the eyelashes and gently apply the top of the false eyelashes to the glue.

“Most importantly, don’t blow on false eyelash glue to make it dry quickly. You don’t want the bacteria in your mouth to transfer to your eyes, do you?” Deanna said.

Once the false eyelashes are attached to the lash line, use tweezers to press down on the false eyelashes and hold them close to the natural lashes. You can also use your thumb and forefinger to close them together. After that, use mascara (if necessary) to blend the natural and false eyelashes for a natural look.