Trendy false eyelashes – False eyelashes are a makeup tool or one of the most important things in terms of makeup, especially the eyes. Not only the selection of a foundation that must be considered, but you have to choose a model and type of false eyelashes that really need to be considered because not all eye shapes are the same and of course different.

Well, for that it is very necessary for women to understand the types and models of eyelashes that match your eye shape and of course with trendy models, you need to know, choosing false eyelashes can sometimes make you confused. Because the models presented are very many and different models.

Trendy false eyelashes

Not only the model, but the materials used usually differ depending on the brand and the company that produces it. Well, one of the eyelashes manufacturers that you can choose from is PT. Sung Shim International which manufactures false lashes of various types and models.

PT. Sung Shim International is an Indonesian eyelashes manufacturer that produces various types and forms of false eyelashes, which are guaranteed safe for you to use.

False lashes under the LUMI Beauty brand are a homemade eyelashes brand, eyelashes manufacturer Indonesia, PT. Sung Shim International or the first SSI to be launched based on the highest level of eyelash manufacturing technology, natural 3D items using human hair, Extraordinary and glamorous that suppresses volume and glamor

There is also the MASKI Eyelashes brand, which is an eyelash brand created by a collaboration between the Indonesian eyelashes manufacturer SSI and VIKA (famous for nailjam in Korea) with lashes that are suitable for Asian women who are looking for natural or natural.

If you want to know the appearance of the lashes from the LUMI Beauty and MASKI Eyelashes brands produced by the Indonesian eyelashes manufacturer, then using the highest quality false lashes, you must make sure to choose a Trendy false eyelash model with an eyelash brand that is guaranteed and trusted. That’s all from us, hopefully this information can be of use to all of you.