Trusted False Eyelash Manufacturer – The use of false eyelashes has become a lifestyle for women who want to enhance their appearance. Looking special does not mean you have to dress up with full and heavy makeup. Just focus on one part of the makeup that easily attracts attention, eyes.

Eyes that steal attention are eyes that have long and curved eyelashes. If your real lashes are short and straight, don’t be discouraged. You can use false eyelashes. However, don’t only use fake eyelashes. There are various false eyelashes, you have to adjust to the event to be attended.

Trusted False Eyelash Manufacturer

In addition to adjusting to the event to be attended, do not forget to pay attention to the quality of the false eyelashes you use. Do not buy false eyelashes carelessly that will have an impact on the health of your eyes.

For that, make sure the eyelashes you use are produced by a trusted manufacturer of false eyelashes, PT SUNG SHIM INTERNATIONAL (SSI). We are a leading professional eyelash manufacturer that has been producing and supplying the highest quality eyelashes for 20 years.

We always keep our promises to customers as customers want. Production is tailored for customers with rich production experience and knowledge, everything about eyelashes.

SSI only produces reliable products through comprehensive quality control and provides them safely and on time according to customer plans. SSI always wants to be a company that can think about what customers want and provide the answers they want.

In addition to producing false eyelashes, we also produce eyelash glue with various shapes and colors of packaging, such as black, white, and transparent with rocket, flat, and round shapes. Everything can be adjusted to your liking.

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