Types of False Eyelashes – There are many ways for women to beautify themselves, one of the simplest ways that is often done is to use false eyelashes. False eyelashes function to emphasize the eye area, change the impression of your facial makeup and also perfect your makeup.

Types of False Eyelashes

The development of the world of makeup makes there are many brands and models of false eyelashes on the market. Finding the right lashes for you can sometimes be a challenge, here are some types of false eyelashes that you must know.

1. Full Strip False Eyelashes

Full strips are the type of false eyelashes that are most easily found on the market. The shape is long and resembles our eyelashes from the base to the tail of the eye. Because there are so many models on the market, this type of eyelash can provide a variety of length and thickness choices.

Especially now that there are false eyelashes below that can help beautify the area. Of course, adding this type is relatively easier to install than others, so beginners are recommended to use this full strip lashes.

2. Half-Strip False Eyelashes

This type is usually shorter than full strip. The point is to highlight or beautify certain areas, for example, increase the volume of the middle of your eyelashes. Its short size makes it practical like a full strip but also flexible because it can be placed everywhere. Not only gives a dramatic impression, this type will also look more natural than full strip.

If you already have real long, thick eyelashes, half-strip eyelashes can be used to emphasize the part you want. This type of eyelash installation is usually faster than full strip eyelashes. It’s just that you need to adjust the thickness, length and placement so that it takes a little makeup ability. Eyeliner and mascara are also sometimes needed to make false and original eyelashes mix more naturally.

3. False Eyelashes Unit

Usually the unit lashes are only in the form of a single lash or 3-4 strands bound together. The way to use eyelashes is the same as a half-strip that is added to the part that you want to strengthen the impression. For example, adding some long eyelashes to the tail of the eye.

Its placement that can be affixed anywhere makes it the most flexible, it can even be used for the entire area of ​​the eyelashes like full strip. The disadvantage, of course, takes a long time to install it because it must be attached one by one. The attention to detail and concentration required when installing are also different from other types. That’s why this type of eyelashes are usually only used by expert makeup artists.

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