Unique facts about false eyelashes – To add to the beauty of the appearance of your eyes when you do makeup, you certainly don’t only use various techniques and also forms of eyeshadow. There is also to produce certain effects from the eyes, you need the addition of a product such as false eyelashes. However, now there is an option to use eyelash extensions.

Unique facts about false eyelashes

But for lovers of false eyelashes can not leave the false eyelashes available in the market. For that we will give you some things you should know about false eyelashes or unique facts about false eyelashes.

  1. Don’t often touch false eyelashes when you wear them

In general, when we use something in the body area, including the eyes, sometimes it starts from feeling uncomfortable until we get used to it. The habit that is often done after wearing false eyelashes is holding it constantly. Indeed, the goal is to make sure the eyelashes don’t move, even though if you hold them, they will make the false eyelashes loose, and worse, they will come off. If you’ve used it properly, make sure you don’t hold it all the time.

  1. Can be reused

Surely many of you immediately throw away false eyelashes after using them. Though false eyelashes can be reused. Our advice, if there are remnants of mascara and glue that is still attached, you can clean it using tweezers to pull out the excess glue and also you have to pull it slowly. Use a little makeup remover or olive oil so that the mascara and glue can really come off perfectly.

  1. Apply makeup first

If you want to use false eyelashes to make beautiful makeup, make sure you have completed all your makeup sets first, especially eye makeup. Using false eyelashes before finishing all the makeup will only make it difficult for you to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner.

  1. C-Shape Technique

Before applying false eyelashes, bend the false eyelashes in a C shape. By doing this, the false eyelashes that you will use will be softer, supple, and not stiff. You will find it easier to apply it on the eyes.

  1. Adjust the eye shape

We can also choose the shape of false eyelashes that are widely available in the market. Some of them you can use directly without having to cut and adjust to the shape of your eyes first. Before using glue, you must first match the length of the false eyelashes that you will use. If it is appropriate, then glue the eyelashes and stick it on your eyes slowly.

  1. Use eyeliner and eyeshadow

After applying false eyelashes, sometimes the distance between the real and false eyelashes can still be seen. To cover it up, you can apply a light eyeliner to the line that grows in your eye to create an effect that blends your real lashes with the fake lashes you’re using. Also eyeshadow should make your eyes more charming.

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